Dr Kai-Fu Lee – The Future of Artificial Intelligence

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This talk took place on August 29, 2017

Kai-Fu Lee is a Taiwanese venture capitalist, technology executive, writer, and computer scientist. He is currently based in Beijing, China.


omegapointil says:

"Expectations"? Watson was supposed to cure CAncer by now.

Chang Meihua says:


Chang Meihua says:

搞到我非常乱! 究竟是他们眼红或者嫉妒或者心灵不能平衡,。之前也有shen 人祝福!现在又从中做梗究竟什么意思?
我真不用合心❤情接纳? 买了屋子是相当加倍金额,如做了决定之后,又何奈?

Sal1981 says:

"No creativity". Twominutepapers has a bone to pick with you.

ХОРОШО says:

Actially Alpha Go experienced some type of joy, it is actually conscious.

Mike Rosol says:

Smart guy but he is bullshitting when he talks about the dangers of AI. He is just protecting his investments. AI is emotionless..yes..but it is driven by emotional, self serving humans. He is just trying to mask what will happen by limiting his response of what will happen in 20 years. Well time will pass in a heartbeat. Imagine the world in 100 or 1000 or 10000 years.

Ivey Health says:

AI definitely doesn’t need to be in the hands of this guy

Ivey Health says:

I’m all for tech progress but the language this guy uses.
How he speaks on replacing humans raises a great issue.

Jean Q Nguyen says:

'..totally safe' ..and I suppose we should take his words for it based on his credentials, I have no IT knowledge just learning like everyone else no offence I was hoping for more in depth reasoning as to why he thinks it's safe, I'm surprised no one questioned the assumption, I would suggest Nick Bostrom and his case against superAi

DTMD says:

versalife hong kong..

Yu Nomi says:

Economic benefits from AI will not be shared by the owners of capital. Wealth disparity will increase. And wealth disparity is the number one social problem in the world.

Urban Dwellers says:

Wow! Only 10% of the population adds value! Value to the almighty DOLLAR economy! What about the value we add to each other's lives? What about the value we add to our own life? The love of MONEY (more valued than anything else) is the ROOT of all evil. Expect more decadence on the horizon.

Urban Dwellers says:

His computation on "universal income" counts children at the same rate as single adults! He knows better. Why would he put out such propaganda? Governments can't afford universal income (UI)? Can governments (multinational corporations) afford robots producing products that very, very few people can buy? Also, about UI and playing games all day. People who have money still have things they want to accomplish in life. Retired folks want to do things to contribute. That's nonsense and again he knows it but spews it out nonetheless! HE doesn't support universal income but hasn't done any real research otherwise he couldn't come to that conclusion.

Mike Ash says:

Absolutely wonderful ! Deep insight into upcoming AI world, articulated so well.

hardwalker95 says:

that guy loves money for sure (his ethical sense seems inexistent)

Login Jones says:

Crazy … he called the Cambridge Analytica thing back in 2017

Maxxi Seneca says:

Just give a simple software app that can pull all dog walkers for my product from all search engines with a type of a zip code

Anthony Stovel says:

Fantastic presentation, the Dr is a great communicator which more people need to be

Nikhil says:

loved the talk. thanks so much for the upload!

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