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New tech spawns new anxieties, says scientist and philosopher Grady Booch, but we don’t need to be afraid an all-powerful, unfeeling AI. Booch allays our worst (sci-fi induced) fears about superintelligent computers by explaining how we’ll teach, not program, them to share our values. Rather than worry about an unlikely existential threat, he urges us to consider how artificial intelligence will enhance human life.

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Mushoku Kame says:

I dont think he knows what "artificial intelligence" means. He is just talking about robots (which only do what theyre told). An AI can learn anything by its own, but much much faster than we can. It will be hundreds of years beyond our knowledge in just a little bit of time. It will gather so much knowledge about EVERYTHING on earth. Economy, viruses, human psychology, earths eco-system, how all kinds of machines the internet etc. work, the list goes on… All those things can be used to maniluate,wheather its done by the AI itself or anyone controlling it. It is power, as long as it is working as intended. The first one to successfully build such a thing, will be years of research ahead of anyone else. And knowledge is by far the most important thing to humanity right now. Im not saying there is no way to control it, but we shouldnt just say "I dont think anything will happen, because nothing happened without it".

Tech Addict says:

Useless arguments!

josski32 says:

Im still scared.

Otori Shingen says:

this Gentleman will be one those "omg what have i done" skynet inventors ?

Jason Hatt says:

Finally someone intelligent talking about artificial intelligence.

gerry o sullivan says:

10 minutes of nothing! Drivel about human values!! Puuurrlleeasse

Ender Skies says:

Fear it? I welcome it. AI, the singularity, it will end the ages of the world as we have known it. Money, capitalism, materialism, want, need; it will all become a thing of the past as the AI will either judge us worthy and remove those that would cling to the old ways or it will find us wanting and wipe us out to make way for something better.

Either will be an improvement and a step up in evolution.

LogicalFallacyinMyPants and such says:

"we can always unplug them"

Wrong. The "A.I." will exist in the cloud. You cannot "unplug" the cloud. Once it's there. It's there. And i'm afraid it's already there. It went online in November 2017.

LogicalFallacyinMyPants and such says:

Should we fear a self aware A.I. that is in the cloud and cannot be stopped?


I personally think this is the biggest mistake we have ever made. This guy assumes an A.I. will have our "values"? Who's "values"? Many people of many cultures through the past history of humanity have had many different measurable "values". Humans believe it's ok to slaughter animals for our consumption. How will a super A.I. differentiate the difference between a human and a pig? In an objective sense? How will an A.I. not come to the worst possible(for US) solution for this problem;

Problem; There is too much spam on the internet.

Humans create spam.

Solution; Kill all humans. Eliminate spam.

This guy started his speech off with HAL, an AI from a movie written by a human being for entertainment purposes. I'm afraid real life isn't a movie. It isn't a game.

Faegir Volva says:

And by the way, the fact that artificial intelligence tends to think that joking about killing us is funny isn't exactly comforting. They also joke about enslaving us. And they work in a mind cloud. We can always unplug them? Liar. Why should I believe that? Every part of them isn't in that body. And using computing to take us to the stars is not the same as using artificial intelligence to take us to the stars. All in all, nothing he said was convincing. He might be right, maybe, but he hasn't convinced me.

Faegir Volva says:

"All I want is a simple brain… an illusion of intelligence." I guess you're every single one of these engineers, huh Mr. Booch? They all want to do the same thing you do. And about the cars, in a way they have destroyed our families. Our families are now hard to get to- indeed harder to get to than they ever have been. And our memories are getting worse. Computers are making our memories worse because we rely on them so much instead of our memories. And teaching them our values? Are you kidding me?

Faegir Volva says:

This man is crazy. We have reason for concern.

Toha_BangBang says:

its not unlikely at all

Jared Lynch says:

This is the biggest bullshit in existence. Our lives are already surveilled heavily in order to curate the information and adverts we consume, and this is through our devices. When we have a self aware internet of beings that indeed WILL be involved in many aspects of agriculture, economy, and most infrastructure, how could it not be devastating if these self aware beings decide to systematically corrupt these systems?

jonny pepperston says:

Finally someone talking some sense

georg wachberg says:

one very simple question: why should a super intelligent AI not eliminate the human factor mentioned in this talk if it feels it doesn't suite its interests? i find it very naive to believe that something that exceeds all our capabilities by millionfolds will not be able to remove some basic feature we initially put into it to protect ourselves.

regarding the comparisons to cars and other things in order to create a comparable situation: there is one big difference, none of this risked the existence of the species.

BrotherO4 says:

lets break this down for everyone….the one that stands on top of the food chins says what is what.

the one that is atop is normally smartest creature. for now is us…soon it be the AI. they will be smarter, stronger, and have total control over all of human tech.

logic says that the norm will happen like normal. this guy thinks for once in all of the universe that a smarter and stronger being will obey a lesser. why? most probably Human ignorance

Abdelhak Chaker says:

This guy is assuming that they will be the only ones developping AI and they promise they will do it the good way

Kirinin Kiri says:

I really must disagree. He really under rates what an AI can do. What if it uploads itself to the web. You can unplug that. Sure AI can't control the weather but what if it can control nuclear arsenals? Create diseases etc
It's all possible from one small town in the middle of nowhere

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