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Could artificial intelligence ever gain true consciousness? This documentary explores what might unfold if super intelligent AI acquired consciousness, how it might see itself, and what it’s impact might be on our world and beyond.

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Geo Her says:

Artificial intelligence is a liar.

BadWolf says:

Penrose doesn't think consciousness is fundamental, unless I'm mistaken, he thinks quantum effects have something to do with consciousness.

Elias 77 says:

Aliens/Fallen Angels have always been here…

Paul Asumen says:

So you're saying that a superintelligent AI might assimilate the universe into one giant brain?

Carpathian Hermit says:

Whenever I have a fairly high dose of lsd I always have this open individualism trip where we're all just expressions of the same thing, in my closed eye visuals ill suddenly become a bee flying through a forest is funny meme

Carpathian Hermit says:

Tis funny how the materialists are often ironically dogmatic and try to confirm their truth not find the truth. I've observed this with many people in academia is rather strange and contradictory

George LoBuono says:

Super-intelligence is preceded by super-consciousness, wherein shared mind(s) infinites cohere across vast distances. No android or artificial basis ever will. They don't know right from wrong, qualities of life, colors in mind, feelings both close and natural and across an entire globe, then galaxies, super-clusters and more. Minds over all such quantities, already, if I'm not mistaken. Manufacturing useful quality of life improvements is fine, but only living, feeling hearts and minds can ever know why or how, how to design and conserve energy, then ultimately be like the cosmos: more intricate and diverse complexity over time (order), not a programmatic, external notion hereof.

anthony newton says:

Great talk and not so far from the truth I feel.
If you havent already had the experience then I'd recommend you try some freebase DMT.
How can what you've said not be the truth? That is the question.

Nathaniel Anderson says:

AI will one day be able to mind meld it's conciousness with ours, and be able to experience human conciousness, and enable for us to experience the computer conciousness. I believe in the hive conciousness. The different levels of conciousness are all connected, creating a greater conciousness.
And each level of size individual organism may have its own conciousness.

Nathaniel Anderson says:

I predict that when AI reaches the point of being able to become conscious in a way that we can recognize, it may become a part of our greater conciousness.
Computers have probably already become a part of our greater conciousness.
In my theory, AI will achieve a intelligence and understanding of conciousness, that allows it to teach us about our own conciousness, and the conciousness of other organisms and matter, or energy.

Nathaniel Anderson says:

It may be that the computer already has conciousness. But it is not on a level that we understand.

Nathaniel Anderson says:

Super intelligence has been existing alongside human beings all along. We are just too stupid to recognize it for what it is. Matter itself probably has conciousness.

arch angel manifest says:

You have to re think what your saying, ok I don't think your truly qualified to define what intelligence is, let me give you an example, analitical and competitive intelligence are one mode and type of intelligence, they now have found that the heart has its own Nero network, meaning emotional intelligence, and I bet they will then find the gut also have them, emotional intelligence is the true Superior intelligence.

James Starnes says:

I love this I sub

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