Do-it-yourself – Want to make your own voice-controlled Smart Mirror with Google Assistant?

List of Things To Buy:

Disclaimer – this is only showing how to get magic mirror installed on your raspberry pi via raspian OS from scratch (along with google assistant in the second half of the video). You need to get a raspberry pi with all the necessary accessories (shown in video) and have an sd card with raspian ready to go. The insructions below will help tremendously, and you want to follow with care (you’ll see why in the video).

I apologize in advance for the speed and how fast I go- because in reality, this video took a couple hours between the edits and doing it all in one shot, literally. However, if you pay close attention, follow the guides- you can make your own smart mirror in just a couple hours time. The frame, painting, and stain took the longest for me. You also want to consider acryclic glass options as it is cheaper, because if you buy all of these components, you could end up spending upwards of $150 without the glass.

That said – to buy the monitor, raspberry pi, accessories, microphone and some speakers- it could cost anywhere from $100-$150, depending on if you have any of the parts or an old monitor laying around like I did. Also, you can get a motion sensor power plug/outlet to turn the montior on/off. I used a belkin wemo smart switch and Schlage Z-wave sensor with my smart things hub to turn my mirror on when motion is detected and to turn it off when motion/presence activity ends after 5 mins, so it will save a significant amount of energy (around 90%) by turning the mirror on and off only when I am in the room. I also got a usb microphone and setup google assistant on this magic mirror for the second half of the video.

Most guides out there were terrible, nobody really walked through it to enable anyone to be able to do this DIY setup so It took me a lot of trial and error.

That said, I hope you enjoy and pay close attention to this video, like it, share it and keep an eye out and subscribe for future videos on projects and builds that I do. Thanks for watching!

Setting up the “magic mirror” module on the raspberry pi:

Setting Up Google Assistant on the Pi:

Google Developer Instructions for Assistant On Pi:

Example Motion Activated Plug – for monitor:

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