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What would you do if an army of drones opened fire on you? This terrifying simulation video is making the rounds on social media and prompting conversation on mass shootings, war, and how we can protect ourselves in situations of terror.

This video was given to ABC7 News with permission from Stuart Russell of the Future of Life Institute.

Learn more about the project:

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Fregtz says:

This is what my teacher will buy if i dont finish my homework.

Fregtz says:

Im'a gonna die

Fregtz says:


niyazi Babac says:

What is movie name ?

Johnny Bravo. says:

Stay inside.

Papa Flame says:

This sounds like a good & bad idea smh pray for the world

Rick Wensel says:

Just thing George Soros has these ready to go after American Patriots

Mrbaltimore 010 says:

This reminds me of 11SEPTEMBER 2001 THAT WASNT A NORMALE PLAIN it was its first big drone

Cause how can a bird almost destroy the front but a building no prob no prob

The american dream cause you gotta a sleep to believe it

Amy McGrade says:

Love how the put their little ritual up for all of you to watch and consent to by just watching. Best repeat these words. I know your plan, I do not consent, but I love you and forgive you.

Kaelohn Grant says:

That lil thing could kill a crowd of people

adi mugen says:

Isn’t this from the Netflix tv show?

S 740 says:

2:15 "they cannot be stopped" pfffffttt allow me to introduce my fishing net cocoon 🙃 come at me drone

Craig Luckey says:

Gotta love these fake ass videos

Shadow Smith 2 says:

If I sa that tiny quadcopter flying around my city will scare me


This is some watch dogs shi

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