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You’re on PRO Robotics, and in this video we present the July 2021 news digest. New robots, drones and drones, artificial intelligence and military robots, news from Elon Musk and Boston Dynamics. All the most interesting high-tech news for July in this Issue. Be sure to watch the video to the end and write in the comments, which news you are most interested in?

0:00 Announcement of the first part of the issue
0:23 Home robot assistants and other
10:50 Boston Dynamics news, Tesla Model S Plaid spontaneous combustion, Elon Musk’s new rocket, Richard Brandson
20:25 WAIC 2021 Robotics Exhibition. New robots, drones, cities of the future
33:10 Artificial intelligence to program robots.

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Trey Stewart Spacegirl says:

Update upgrade

Trey Stewart Spacegirl says:

Anough said

Michael Copper says:

Drone launch rockets is a great idea. I Shared this idea years ago and comments on one of the specials or videos

Joe Massey says:

I am a simple man with a high-school education.But that only left me with the opportunity to ask more questions.Ive waited until now to ask those questions.Suppose,that when you graduated high school,you were given three wishes or more?I chose to save my wishes(or questions)until now.

Joe Massey says:

Which would be more convenient?To put human consciousness into a robot?or to make humans the robots by DNA sequencing and manipulation?I know that artificial limb technology has surpassed what I thought it would,and I have lived to see it come to pass.

Joe Massey says:

I had a dream,a few years ago, that my consciousness was downloaded into a robot.I did look good!I was sent where men were incapable of going.Deep into the earth where pressure would kill a man.I can vividly remember being sent there

Deno says:

This could be why we were all made to wear mask so cameras can identify us even if we are wearing a mask

jonah couzzi says:

mannnn watching china develop smart city technology is terrifying

Blue Sky says:

Hey, if there's a vacuum can suck all the ocean water, that would be perfect and if there's a chemical that can make salty oceans water into drinking water, that would be perfect, just a common. Thx

Daniel Kovalenko says:

The moon? Bullshit bullshit!

Greg man2ai says:

Toyota robots at the start of the video, able to understand the context of a situation then generalize to similar situations, instead of algorithms for every situation or using data labeling. That sounds like a real breakthrough that could also help Tesla with FSD. They are going to use the Dojo supercomputer to do data labeling because it is recognized as a bottleneck. If they used the Toyota way for there cars to recognize the context and generalize to similar situations, their FSD development might be speeded up greatly with less expense.

Chefs Corner says:

The Anafi AI Drone by Parrot sounds like an awesome Drone, unfortunatly the price is $7,000 USD!! I think I'll just buy a decent used car and a nice video camera instead, or wait 5 years for the price to come down into the low thousands! smh!!

Levan Walker says:

Big ups to great improved technology we are getting somewhere

Francisco Contreras says:

19:53 in video duration – So its ok now to drink in public? How stupid!!!

FPGหมิ่งเชิดFOF ใด้รหล่า.คฟ, says:


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