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We extract heart rate and beat lengths from videos by measuring subtle head motion caused by the Newtonian reaction to the influx of blood at each beat. Our method tracks features on the head and performs principal component analysis (PCA) to decompose their trajectories into a set of component motions. It then chooses the component that best corresponds to heartbeats based on its temporal frequency spectrum. Finally, we analyze the motion projected to this component and identify peaks of the trajectories, which correspond to heartbeats. When evaluated on 18 subjects, our approach reported heart rates nearly identical to an electrocardiogram device. Additionally we were able to capture clinically relevant information about heart rate variability.



Clare Williams says:

could you detect an emotional frequency and I wonder what that sound would be like. Very interesting video. I have noticed a rocking sensation too.


wawww, what a great job

Mohsen Nabian says:

Have you made the code availble?

Kayo Henrique F. e M. Santos says:

headblowing guys!!!!! awesome video!!!!

David Izquierdo Gomez says:

What a nice job !!! Is it possible to measure fish heart rate?

Nguyen Ngo says:

If I intentionally move my head, is the program correct? I don't think this is a good idea.

xMEanimations says:

so.. when are you building the voight-kampff-machine ?

RB RR says:

very good indeed!

J M says:

before watching this video I thought i had a slight tremor because i can feel my head slightly bobble and even sometimes my pulse in my head at night time

Impossibly Black says:

Some times when I'm sitting still I can feel myself rocking back and forth or side to side ever so slightly depending on my seating position. I While I generally assumed it had something to with my beating heart I wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing.

Amany mouawd eltantawy says:

can i ask you about the project and about the data base you use to detect the heart rate

cosmecco says:

The link doesn't work anymore.

Bernard Roth says:

As seen on Fringe S03E11 @ 16:48. 🙂

Killtroman X says:

Fascinating. Does that mean you can identify a person even wear a mask?

George Netscher says:

very clever and very well presented

Syed Sufiyan says:

Thinking about the applications of this makes me twitch ever so slightly. This can be used in rail way stations and other busy places to find out those who "might" be cheating or concealing stuff they shouldn't be. But at the same time, this data can invade on a users privacy. A mask is usually worn to conceal. Now with this device if I know the heart rate I can find out who that person under the mask is – everyone has a unique heart rate and so it will just be a case of matching signatures.

Darren Wesley says:

Health benefits aside, this sounds very much applicable to lie detection.

Interesting upload.

Frank Geurten says:

Whaaaat?! That's pretty cool. I can already see YouTube implementing this for the comments:
"We are sorry but your hart-rate is to elevated to post comments right now, please calm down and try again. " 🙂

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