Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Over the last few years artificial intelligence (AI) has fundamentally changed healthcare and its impact is only going to grow exponentially in the years to come. While the topic can be overwhelming, it is critical to gain a strong foundational understanding of the technology before you’re left in the dust. Join us on December XX, 2023 as we speak with Avani Desai, DEO of Schellman Compliance LLC, where we will cover the history of AI and the fundamental components and consideration that need to be applied. The webinar is designed to provide you with a high level appreciate and understanding of the technology, regulatory compliance, and privacy and ethical considerations that come into play. We’ll work to ‘Demystify AI’ so that you can apply this knowledge to improve the efficiencies of your SIU while also proactively identifying controls to mitigate the risk AI can also present to further drive increased provider fraud, waste, and abuse.