Demo of the Verily Pathfinder virtual agent template for COVID-19

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As we are moving towards life with COVID-19, businesses and clinical teams need to start strategizing and implementing different ways in which they can interact with their customers. Many businesses are unable to answer COVID related questions or concerns in real-time, having extensive wait times and busy lines. The featured Rapid Response Virtual Agent helps customers get answers to their questions 24/7 via artificial intelligence.

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Product: Contact Center AI, Rapid Response Virtual Agent; fullname: Priyanka Vergadia;


Gilbert Mizrahi says:

In our company we have our messaging platform. How do we integrate Dialogflow with it? it's not on the list of integrations?

Gerco Coetzee says:

Fantastic! Can you please help me with changing it to work with Covid statistics for South Africa? If I request statistics for South Africa, it gives me stats for the whole world. Thank you in advance

Ved Prakash Dwivedi says:

Can this be implemented for any specific country, state or blocks??

Ceostrokx Abhijith says:

We have done this early in Kerala by strokx technologies Pvt LTD

Rodrigo Fálico Faria says:

Is there a way to access the referenced links?

JRome says:

Brilliant technology!

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