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In this lesson, Dr. Mahipal Rathore teaches about Defence Cyber Agency created by Government l Cyber Security Threats and Trends.

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PathFinder says:

Crash Course On Medieval History:

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Unacademy Combat every Sunday at 11:00 AM.

The most competitive, gamified UPSC CSE battle is here with scholarships worth 4 crores.
Pathfinder 5.0:

AAP Creative studio says:

Bjp 2024 🔥🔥🇮🇳

Arzoo Singh says:

How to join as a team and as individuals .
Please don't get this stupid rules for Govt entry just a great hacker or technology person .
Great NEWS for India and some youths.

ayush pandey says:

I thought i will suggest him personally in future
But yes they are also concerned 😊

Indian Falcon says:

I’m waiting!

Vaibhav Bindra says:

Cybersecurity par dhyan dena sabse zyada zaroori hai

Adarsh Mishra says:

Awesome explanation sir

Shaikh Gunjan says:

Trust me you can't really stop cyber every attack. You can only take precautions. If you really want it you need to educate the users.


Rajnath ji is silently working to improve our defense fundamentals.

Suman Mandal says:

Very very good news

Ankit Saroj 4981 says:

Sir mai to desh ke liye agar chance mila to mai jarur join karunga

Sunny Silicon says:

Jaise China Chalta hai waise hi ek DESH ko chalna chahiye!
India bhi Desh hai

Harkesh Mourya says:

8:048:08 Laughing before advertising unacademy 😂

sparsh sharma says:

Indian government should invite students from IIT NIT and other best institute of India at competitive salaries to boost up cyber security agencies
Students from these institutions are best of best brains in information technology and computer science

nikhil kumar says:

please proceed inn modern indian history lectures

shashank srivastava says:

Thanku sir

exclent class sir 🙏🙏 👍👍👍👍👍💪💪

Prajjwal Agrawal says:

7 :58 was hilarious🤐

Thakur Shourya Pratap Singh says:

न अपील, न वकील, न दलील कहकर पूरा ज़लील कर दिया चीन को। 🇮🇳🔥❤️🤣

akash kumar says:

sir , aap modern history ki next video kab dalege

Prakhar Sagar says:

Naa appeal, naa wakeel or naa daleel was awesome 😂😂

AndroidGameplay4All says:

02:20 VPN uncle

Harpreet Singh says:

sir please , Ramappa Temple pr Ekk video Banna dijjiye .

#Tag youcan says:

7:50 was to good.

Code Rider says:

Upsc friendly content always

You🔘 says:

ye to mera spna pura krdeya

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