DeepX: Computer Vision Application In Security

Computer vision delivers insights into public spaces and workplaces, airports, and industrial sites as cameras and sensors proliferate, allowing security and safety professionals to make sense of a deluge of images and data from both remote and high-traffic regions.

From social distancing detection with AI to PPE compliance, DeepX ( provides security teams with actionable insights. DeepX models analyze video streams both on the edge and in the cloud, capturing still images, generating metadata, and sending alerts.

DeepX is an R&D-intensive and innovation-driven consortium led by DEEPXTECH S.R.L. Italy, Covijn Ltd (“Co-vision project”) the United Kingdom, and AIMech Technologies (“Omnidetector” product) the United States.

At DeepX, we synergize our multi-year expertise to dive deep into each business’ specifics and achieve measurable business benefits. With our continuous research and a history of successful custom computer vision software development projects, we offer highly specialized expertise in some of the most challenging fields of computer vision.

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