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William Zheng says:

0:25 How did you get into Deep Learning (DL)?
2:22 How has neural network (NN) evolved over last several decades?
3:09 What's the biggest mistakes you've made?
4:24 What's the connection between NN and the brain?
6:28 What are your most proud inventions?
8:55 Tell more about DL and the brain.
11:25 Your perspective on Unsupervised Learning.
14:44 What's in DL today that excites you?
19:21 Your thoughts on the science (not engineering) of DL
21:20 Advice for people new to AI/DL

Kaiyang Li says:

Thanks for doing this! It’s fascinating to get to know more about the big names in this field. I was searching for their images yesterday and surprisingly found these interviews done by Great Job!

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