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Recorded on Mar 24 2016 at GCP NEXT 2016 in San Francisco.

Visual effects rendering is a computationally intensive process where one second of screen-time can require thousands of cores and terabytes of frame data. Learn how Academy Award-winning and recognized studios take advantage of cloud economics and Google’s on-demand computing to realize their creative visions and expand this digital medium for storytelling.

Speakers: Julia Ferraioli, Google & David Zuckerman, Wix



Audrey Mciver says:

My Facebook messenger goes to a blank screen. It does not display anything. Also on daa principles my network never passes

Audrey Mciver says:

I wished I could make all one touch buttons to fix most settings and troubleshooting and or fix settings delete history or anything that is necessary.

Sergio Arroyo says:

This is an awesome talk, but it's already two years old. Is there an updated version ?

David Porras says:

Google cloud 7 step stones built on a rock platform to perfection David on board for the Texas rush

S G says:

So in short it's an 1-2nd stage AI..

HaLooground iLLuminati says:

Free to s is machine learn

Victor Bernedo Tapia says:

language models is a huge spectrum of data to work in the translate app… how they finally make that work?

advait Deshpande says:

Its definitely worth embracing given a chance ….would like to hug that technological aspect…"Not a hug" would only remain as sorted data output ….

dannalbob says:

2:08 That algorithm ain't doing shit

Muntaka Mukhtar Bube says:

Hi, I am interested in how google translator translate arabic to hausa or english and viz. the result we found to be very defective, with advance machine learning why is that so?

Piyush Singh says:

How can we go ahead from consumer of ML APIs to be part of Cloud ML and TensorFlow (to be able to write our own algorithm according to business need)? I've just started into ML and it's easy to use ML APIs.

arun satyarth says:

No fucks were given that day by the guy with laptop at 2:42

Mehmet Filiz says:

soooooo inspiring <3

Leōn says:

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[pdfaj[oiahdf]osgpvj dsakfjpfsovjbidf h[aerfhvj]poewfbi ofjs][ojef]ogpdvj]dsvpbk v[pdoasj ]pvodfjssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Nash Spirit says:

Machine Learning or Machine Analytics is used to generate algorithms from a specific set of training data. These algorithms can be used for pattern recognition on huge sets of actual data. For instance, you have a set of logs from o server that crashed then feed it to ML, generate the algorithm, use the algorithm in production logs to predict when a server is about to crash

jalaj khajotia says:

Great insights about google cloud platform. Looking forward to learn more about ML

Vic Cheng says:

What is a byte list of images and how do you convert?

vishal dabade says:

Half great presentation

thereGoMapo says:

who has the right to say what is huggable or not?

Dennis L says:

Welcome to the machine………..

Michael Cory Anderson says:

I enjoyed your presentation and talking points on Machine Learning #IsTheSkyTheLimit

Imju Byon says:

Links from the last slide
Google cloud machine learning
Google cloud speech api
Google cloud vision api
Google cloud translation api
Tensorflow by poets, by Pete Warden
Hug image:

Bradley Berthold says:

Oh god, "we added the ability to search within the photos themselves".. Big Brother is coming true. Great, Google is looking through all of our pictures

nadeem jendoubi says:

it's not science fiction ! it's the whole damn world lots of data the possibilities are limitless there is no limit to what can be designed >_< to what can we do ! nothing is impossible if it's a program it can be written :3

Sohaib Arif says:

kind of looks like hadoop at ~14:00. is it the same kind of thing but on the cloud?

David Wollan says:

This is really cool. Hopefully this can be use for all use cases.

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