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iiPrandz - Official Youtube Channel says:

c h a p p i e

A A says:

I believe we will eventually have this AI on our streets…not in our lifetime but someday, look how far we’ve come with cellphones in the last 30 years

Mark Donato says:

Is this real?

Scott Prendergast says:

how is the aids going lately, Mara?

Bottle Maker 9000 says:

im guessing that this footage was originally supposed to be for chappie or just like one of thosemovies that never had the trailer and someone else just used those robots for the movie chappie but goot footage tho

magnus pym says:


Ethan Oliver says:

similar chappie

Zombie Cop says:

We can forget about Intelligent Robots because they'll be programmed by the unintelligent stupid Human species.

Daniel Tejnický says:

old … could be even old old testfootage of someone who ended up working on chappie, or elisium or… what's the other movie robot that looks like this?

GW MJ says:

Tetra vaal is the name of this video, also Tetra vaal is the name of the company that constructs chappie.

Oh Krulex says:

It's fake but sorta true there's robots coming to all parts of the world in 2018

Mathias Nesse says:

chappie nr 2

degrande707 says:

Dear Santa….

Knuckle Dragger says:

Omfg fûckin liar.
It's. Chappie the movie

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