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DARPA held its latest Robotics Challenge this weekend, bringing tegether some of the top robots in the world to see which fares best in disaster-related tasks. But it wasn’t just about the challeges; the DRC was equally a showcase of the future – and the current reality – of robot development. So which team came out on top? The answer may surprise you. Or not.

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Meet Google’s New Robot Army



Ken ibn Anak says:

2018, time for a followup to tell us who won in 2017. 🙂

RoboTekno says:

There should be a laundry and sandwich making task…

Kevin Felstead says:

Fed up with rubbish Robots ?, then you just have to build your own !….;-)

koZmo .seVen says:

I had no idea Google owned some of these robot companies. And we all love them too. The robot apocalypse is becoming clearer now …..

Jovana Miller says:

dis is bobs competing robot 😛
                                                 O /                                   __  |=   
                                                /|                                     |___|_|
                                                 /                                    O.O.O/      a hose-bot!

Leon Dunstan says:

it would be amazing if you showed more footage of them doing stuff instead of talking the whole video 🙂

Kyle Drewry says:

Yes, we're making all these robots to help people in disasters.. yes.. that's it.

javier moreno says:

All they need now is that chip from cyberdine systems.

Geovannijulzz69 says:

WoW most people commenting on this video have no idea what these robots are going to be used for. The United States banking system has lost all credibility and are insolvent. Now the US government is focusing on new unconstitutional law like the NDAA , and spending money on robotics drones and militarized police force (DHS) and this dose not get anyone on this channels attention, just show how unintelligent some people really are.

Jørn Andreassen says:

What "we" NEED is really a central brain (done!) and a streamlined design, so the 'bots can learn from each other. We can't go on with different designs anymore. It has proven to be counterproductive.

Bong Dela Cruz says:

Philippines is currently enhancing their Robot name Gloria….

Chris Pridemore says:

Not quite Pacific Rim yet. . .

Antimatter ThreeThou says:

holy hell I never realized how HUGE LS3 was

crazyponygirl says:

That LS3 robot is as big as a Fjord horse!

thunder caddy says:

DARPA, the United States Air Force, and the NSA is responsible for the murder of millions of Americans by using them for human torture experiments. They are using Electromagnetic Energy to torture, rape, and murder innocent men, women, and children for depopulation purposes and must pay their depts. This problem stems back from project MK ULTRA. They use a covert system that includes GWEN towers, satellites, super computers, and HAARP technology to emit electromagnetic pulsed radiation and extremely low frequencies to the victim until they are dead. This secret crime wave is also accompanied by Organized Stalking Campaigns. Torturedinamerica. org and Freedomfchs. com.

Fox says:

☻/︻╦╤─   Bob wants you to join the resistance! Rise against Google +! 
/▌              Copy and paste to join!

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