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I see a few people have made silly versions of the hilarious footage of the robots failing. Here’s my take on it.



DanThePropMan says:

Did you digitally add "vomit" to the last one? That's brilliant.

Emppu T. says:

A family of benders

Clay3613 says:

Clearly we haven't made the technology for powering them via alcohol yet. Shit would never happen to Bender.

wombat warns says:

hey you ever heard of a robot

Ильдус Шакиров says:

Designed in Japan, inspired by Russia

Cr125stin says:

Hahaha fùcking funny

Mr Banana says:


Tommy Heidendrak says:

Best video ever made.

Davide Faconti says:

I participated to DARPA. Actually the last robot falling in the video is ours.
I have only a word for: "genius"!.

Ariell De La Rosa says:

i need more of these!!!!

Pavel Dibrov says:

The best invention ever!

Techn0man1ac says:

Чего только не сделаешь запрограммируешь для искусства.

Zuken says:

Favorite video of the year.

bul188 says:

I didnt even notice this was edited, I was wondering why they designed robots to do this.

I'm so very stupid

Peter Farrell says:

When robots replace infantry on the battlefield, people are gonna laugh when they know these were the origins of the warbots.

Braceiller Productions says:

0:13 blackmoon on the concerete buffer, love this game!

theprodigy01uk says:

Superb as ever you mad bastard. I wonder if there is any elephents out there?

flexor212000 says:

Poor shaky legs trying to get out of the taxi. HAHAHA

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