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This is a trailer for my classic interview with D-Wave CTO Geordie Rose where we discuss a variety of topics such as AI and Quantum Computing. You can see the full 2.5 hours video here:

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Chip Griffin says:

well ole top gun dude has a few problems to still clear. 1. do you tell the d-wave the truth about all the lies layed down to mankind over the years, such as the moon landing, flat earth, etc or do you let it figure it out, or can it even do such? i have a giant question for big dog right from the jump. does he tell the truth on how he came up with such a machine? who helped him make it? he and i both know, also does he drop the other bomb i won't even tell you at this point, you being the readers of this crap, because i want to see if he tell the truth or hides behind his own greatness like all the others up to this point. hint;;;the only thing man ever truly made was a hammer and a rock and we found both and knocked off a couple edges and gave it our name and collected the cash, hell is yet to be paid, but it will be paid in full just as winter comes ever year even when it don't feel like it is coming this years in midsummer, ole boy is it coming and it will stay around a while, a very long while. sorry buddy, but i know your secrets! that lame brain came to me also, but i told him to keep moving, but your blind ambition wouldn't let you would it? the truth will be told by me and my friends if i get my way, and i just might very soon. AS ONE OF THE TWO WITNESSES, the world as my stage with a delayed payment plan based on how well i do. if my life is any clue i will fail, but not as bad as i think, after all i did tell your daddy to keep moving and i was only 17 and broke as they come! 1 working headlight on my car, that's how broke i was!!!

Sprink Design says:

Fascinating interview – I'm amazed it hasn't been more widely watched.

I came here just after the ideacity speech – which was quite the bombshell. Dear geordie seemed quite emotional at the end of that little speech, with his talk of the facebooks and twitters and there being 'much more important things'.

I was glad of all the questions asked, and answered, apart from the one I had in mind – how did the story about the bear end? Geordie?

lambecolin says:

Obama has set aside 10 billion for a quantum computer–look out, they have the will to surveil everything and all humanity all the time..

electrodacus says:

Looking forward to this interview. I think the guys in Australia at the University of New South Wales have a much better version of a quantum computer that can do much more than the limited D-Wave version.

Chris Mmm says:

This was a great interview that changed my view of Quantum Computer. I highly people check it out.

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