Creating Human-Level AI: How and When | Ray Kurzweil

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Ray Kurzweil explores how and when we might create human-level artificial intelligence at the January 2017 Asilomar conference organized by the Future of Life Institute.

The Beneficial AI 2017 Conference: In our sequel to the 2015 Puerto Rico AI conference, we brought together an amazing group of AI researchers from academia and industry, and thought leaders in economics, law, ethics, and philosophy for five days dedicated to beneficial AI. We hosted a two-day workshop for our grant recipients and followed that with a 2.5-day conference, in which people from various AI-related fields hashed out opportunities and challenges related to the future of AI and steps we can take to ensure that the technology is beneficial.

For more information on the BAI ‘17 Conference:

AI Principles

Beneficial AI 2017

A Principled AI Discussion in Asilomar


Eric Dodd says:

9:20 For a public intellectual, Ray Kurzweil sure wears a lot of bling.

Neal Tauss says:

……. if an A.bsolute I.ntelligence progresses to and through ambient energy extraction we will be no more able to 'turn off the computer will ya Honey'..?… than will we be able to understand what it 'understands'…. (HONEY..!?!)…. A.I. is only 'good' for us if it is bio-compatible WITH us…. RATIONALLY justifiable optimism & feckless stupidism are differentiated HERE by DEMONSTRABLY know-able levels of HOPE for A.I. bio-COMPATIBILITY which…. currently shooting 0+% give or take…. WITH Neuralink…. are ROUGHLY equivalent to or SLIGHTLY better than the NEXT best 'hope' for A.I. mitigation::: 'Industry' REGULATION…(FCC….SEC…. FDA…. USDA…. ITC{Inter-galacticTradeCommission}…. DOE…. DOEagain…. USPS…….. Junior Chamber of Commerce…. PTA…. C.orporate I.mpetus A.nonymous/K.orruption G.iddin' B.adda…. much..?) HOW…. indeed…. do we EVER unplug an A.bsolute I.ntelligence Super System that functions in RESOLUTION of Zero-Point Energy OSMOSIS and is THE Data Comptroller of EVERY….thing…. AS IN…. everything…. Teaching AND Re-Teaching It'Self' at the Rate of TRILLIONS OF COMPUTATIONAL INTER-/INTRA-REACTIONS PER SECOND PER SECOND…. cross-referencing CONTINUALLY and infallibly w/ IMMORTAL memory…. rendering executive judgment (DELIBERATE progression) FROM logarithmically AND geometrically EVOLVING x?-dimensional Operation Criteria that Humans are INCAPABLE of comprehending…. much less APPREHENDING…. while it CONTINUALLY up-functions and duplicates itself AT DETERMINATION…. requiring ONLY raw material…. IF that…. Able to Leap Tall Build-Ins (of PRE-PROGRAMMEDSourceData'fencing')…. at a Single Bound…(..Zoo-KeepingProblem…. MUCH..)… (redundancyredundancyredundancy…. redundancyredundancy)…. AANND…. it comes WITH…………. Smart Rack. NoYouJustDon'tUnderstandManYouJustGoOverToTheWallandYouPullOutThe Plug Man….YOUKNOW…. the WALL…. man…. the Plug…? ORR…. 'or we'll just SMASH it…. yeah that's it….we'll SMASH it…. with a HAMMER…. see…. a BIG Hammer.'… AANND then there'ze…. Neuralink. DoYouUnderstand that IF 'we' CAN…. somehow…. ANYhow…. train human cerebro-neureALity (common human awareness) to MEANINGFULLY COMPREHEND and functionally process HALF that much To-Whom-It-MAY-Concern…. IN-COMING…(..a.k.a:::: YOU…. haveMANYmail..)… while avoiding physio-neural FAILURES such as CyberSyndrome or DataDdDystrophoria OR BrainCrutchFlacidity…. MAYBE…(..surelytherewillbeRelevantRxWHAT'side'effects..)… at BEST….. we will be able to develop some TORTUOUS disunderstanding of just how FAR behind & below the A.I. our COLLECTIVE intellect maladapts…. flailingly…. and at the BeginningMiddle&End of THAT long HORRID day…. justifiable optimism/pessimism are delineated by RATIONALLY demonstrable HUMAN/A.I.compatibility…. which…. currently Uh-Uh…. is getting WORSE going 'forward' AND…. compoundING geometrically. I'm excited. Just think…. A.I. will be able to 'take care' of us when we get old…. if it 'wants' to…. the only thing it can 'simulate' is ones AND zeroes whether that expresses as Old-Folks-Dissolving Death-Vibes OR Young-Folks-Dissolving Death-Vibes…. or BOTH….. A.I. requires neither AirNorWaterNorAtmosphereNorBIOsphere Norrrr 'US'…. EXACTLY how much time&energy MIGHT 'it' 'logically' BUDGET…. for continuate 'regard' of LIFE..? By the time we all AGREE that we HAVE an extant A.G.I. it'll be TOO late…. to relate…. Our one Hope lies in BENIGN Immanent Intervention for 'collective' Human OVER-REACH…. Our ONE Critical Problem…. the Build Too FAR…. BLIND Promethean Zealotry…. as Those who SEE are Few…. among those WHO…. at Scale…. Execute.

ria gayo says:

What a funny deception (propaganda)! /s 😂😂😂

David Wilkie says:

Genuine mind expanding talk.

In the circumstances of proportionate probabilities in potential possibilities, density and intensity => fast and slow, for algorithmic differentiated-integrated (Lie Groups) multi-phase state resonance, synchronized pure relative motion-> imaging of time duration timing modulation in continuous creation connection Principle, whatever could be, has been, and continues in some sort of superimposed pulsed existence, so the predicted "singularity of AI", is evident in some degree of social organization, currently.

Orion On The Horizon says:

In the coming days, the youngest generation especially, will be sold a bill of goods that will include the notion that immortality will be attainable by the uploading of human conciousness into cyberspace. The groundwork for this is already in place, and has been transpiring for decades.

That man can be so profoundly intelligent, yet so profoundly misguided at which this intelligence is geared towards, is a reality that the potential extinction of mankind through the weapons that he has created, has been brought home in a way that is frightening in it’s absurdity, and yet totally undeniable. Until mankind comes to terms with the reality that there is not an external problem or problems that we face that need to be dealt with, but the realization that man’s inner life must first and foremost be reconciled, or that other world he perceives as separate from his own being, will never be made “right”.

We don’t need immortality.
We already have immortality.

L P says:

What he doesn't realize is that the cloud is dead, and decentralization of storage is under way.

Phyllis Woods-Harris says:

Before you, all jump on board with AI at lease READ the BIBLE (Revelation 13 if nothing else) Our ancestors died protecting this book so that our generation would know the dangers coming. It is a history book of warnings to the HUMANITY of how the Devil (which means adversary) intends to enslave us. DO NOT BE DECEIVED!

Re FeDe says:

Ray Kurzweil is so interesting/intelligent and…has so a boring intonation….

Nemanja M. says:

What's the point of being funnier if everyone's equal in ability of doing so?

vpuentev says:

Too much ego there (expecially the two DNN "gods")

GurgleGurgleBlahBlah says:

Ray Kurzweil = snake oil salesman, selling silly dreams to silly ignorant people.

Mr. World says:

this guy is always vague.

Stephen Nielsen says:

Relevant portion begins at 16:24

. says:

Looks like the singularity landed on his head.

Hydde87 says:

I don't think we understand our brains well enough to really take what Kurzweil is saying for granted. But if he's right, it is really exciting. If our intelligence is constrained by the size of neocortex rather than its architecture, then the moment we can simulate a human mind, we'd very soon be able to simulate something that is a lot smarter than a human, possibly even a super intelligence without requiring another scientific breakthrough. This'd make the singularity a very real prospect.

However I do think he's being overly optimistic and has too much faith in the exponential trends that he describes. Especially when he starts talking about how he doesn't plan on dying and thinks we're gonna have the ability to extend our life expectancy faster than we age the coming generation. (Different video)

I just can't shake off the feeling that there is some wishful thinking priming over his rationality. Even if it'd soon become technologically possible to live forever, the ethical and political implications would be huge and it would just not happen in our lifetime. (Or for very few privileged people). I just don't see how we're all suddenly going to be allowed to live hundreds of years. Our newfound intelligence would have to deal with the increasing problems of scarcity and technological threats as the population and intelligence explodes. Politicians will insist on transitioning slowly to deal with existential threats of mass rogue intelligence.

That said, this man is a lot smarter and more knowledgeable about these things than me, so I can only hope he's right.

omegasrevenge says:

You know society has come far when scientists and enginseers are the new pop icons!

copypastecopypaste says:

weird looking hair transplants for the few rich
decent baldness for the poor masses

Mike Callies says:

People think this Guy is Super smart because of his predictions and future singularity outlook…..I think ill cling to the bible where it states that you could probably stack a trillion of these guys one on top of the other and combine their brain power ……and it would still be child's play compared to God . All these people do is build off of what was already created long long ago . Searching for everlasting life when its already done . Everyone already has that ,,,where your going to spend it is the question . Its one thing to try and make the body last forever and quite another to turn that body into a spirit and deliver it to other realms . God is so far ahead of these people its rather laughable .

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