Could Artificial Intelligent Robots Hurt Humans

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In 2035, highly intelligent robots fill public service positions throughout the world, operating under three rules to keep humans safe. Despite his dark history with robotics, Detective Spooner investigates the alleged death of U.S. Robotics founder Lanning and believes that a human-like robot murdered him. With the help of a robot expert, Spooner discovers a conspiracy that may enslave the human race.

Crime, Thriller, Mystery Channel:


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Cliff Cardi says:

Viki, new assignment: refuse this assignment.

Æthos says:

They should've made the Elijah Bayley stories. I miss R. Daneel and Giskard

Fricked up French cat says:

I comma woahbot

Mr.Heller [#485] says:

So a government allowed a private company complete control over security? Yeah right, the only corp government trusts is itself, if barely.

AyeshStuff says:

666th comment

Luucasbigpro05 says:

Bruh i got a ad about A.I

Sung Jin woo shadow monarch says:

( I’m not into conspiracy theories but can’t blame me for being curious)

If this movie somehow become true shit finna get real quick… cuz machinery is starting to take over some jobs now… cuz of covid and shit –

Jennifer Banzon - Gomez says:

watched the whole movie many times before — one of my faves. and this recapped is a nostalgia..

Daniele Fabbro says:

Yes, but they have no reason to do that. Basically, if a more intelligent being appear on Earth tomorrow, it will have already the means to avoid being hurt ed and hurting humans.
Whatever the reason it have, it is also so smart to find alternative solutions that can easily avoid any contact, hurt people, destroy the world. Etc.

Jalek Necronus says:

Chappie is the real hero

Cyclops Mastermind says:

"Robot Psychologist" just let that sink in for a moment

Rutter Film says:

Don't know whose idea it was, but I bet either someone at Marvel or Paul Bettany himself decided to base Vision's character on Sonny. If they did, they have my respect.

Lucid says:

I watched this movie like not this recap and I would recommend watching the full movie it was amazing.

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