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◄ Language English – 720p – Cortana problems
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~Recorded by Malasuerte94. Enjoy !
Cortana problems – setting problem – speech recognition [FIX]

You are here because you have problems with Cortana on Windows 10

Check the video.


|| [LOG] ||



cPilot says:

Hi, the screen on 3:06 is blank on the top. The one where you choose the language to speak to your device, its just blanked out, the other bottom parts are okay, any fix?

Harrie van Winden says:

so i did all of this but still at the point where you could choose wich speech language. mine just is grey and cant click on it any suggestions?

baha darwish says:

do NOT make any video any more

Weeb Hub says:

mine keeps reverting to non-english ;/

Professional Iraq المحترف العراقي says:

Thank you Bro hahahaha 😂

kalpesh singh says:

when i say hey cortana she doesn't hear me but when i press Windows + c she comes and when i say something she says sorry i didn't hear anything and sometimes she says the internet and i aren't talking right now and when i chose the task from the list she gives, she said sorry i cant do that right now😑 Now i have tried everything i have fixed the mic issue i have logged out and then logged in into the Microsoft account and did every fix i could find on the internet and yet she isn't working. Please guys can anyone help me😭😭

Ko Mul says:

Thank u so much. Its help me

rotem meirovich says:

thanks bro you the best

Shwabbaa says:

does not work cant get optional features to load

Technology Gyan says:

Thanks haha.haha

Jacks Brown says:

I didn't find any english (US) speech recognition in the add feature thingy what should i do?

Abhijit Saha says:

Great it really works

Fall Guys Descendant says:

In optional features theres still no speech recognition usa

Nemesis says:

You took nearly half the fucking video to begin broaching the issue!!! Organize your video better, then create it, you fuck

jastrone films says:

does not work

Ayan Barik says:

Not very helpful

JezGaming says:

I can't download the English (US) Speech Recognition

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support Phone Number says:

really nice…

Husam Alkhateeb says:

looooool what an end, you got a like for that,

Wildehyde says:

THANK YOU. My problem was the local pack wasn't available for me, so i downloaded it through the store. But this helped me get there. Cheers.

I2C JAM says:

How am I supposed to type in when it's not working?

radha krishnan says:

i'm on win 10 get error speech recognition is not available for display language. My ASUS pc language is English(US) so what is the problem. pls reply to ty krishnan

Theologos Del says:

I cant download my speech pach there isnt please help me

Theologos Del says:

2:24 bottom right. FBI OPEN UP

Akash Deep says:

Hey here when I install optional feature of language pack it won't install please do something

maxi says:

i cant press when 2 choose the speech language

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