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An iOS app that can detect human emotions, objects and lot more. Made using coreML image detection API.

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## Inspiration

Inspired by a few blind people who use echolocation to “see” things around them, we have developed an interface that would help a blind person listen to have a feeling of where they belong in the society and enjoy the little things and experiences of everyday life.

## What it does

The interface is connected to a camera (which could be then possibly integrated with cameras on pen tips) which records real time videos of events, parse it into multiple frames – analyze it piece by piece and finally using a text to speech interface, dictates what it sees.

## How we built it

For Building the interface, we used the Apple Artificial Intelligence API that contains a pre-trained data set that could be readily used. However on experimenting we learned that real time video/image has a lot of noise, and that it would take a long time to train the data set for practical purposes. Therefore we created a small data set with real time images (taken using phone cameras) and further trained the available data set to a considerable degree of accuracy. With enough time, this can further be implemented and generalized into more diverse data sets, achieving its intended purpose.

## Challenges we ran into

As previously mentioned, we learned that the time it takes to train a simple data set is longer than we had previously anticipated. Therefore we had to restrict our data set and only work towards training specific limited amount of data.
We also tried using the Microsoft Azure API to integrate into our interface – however, we soon learned that we had a few dependency issues that we could not resolve. We wasted over seven to eight hours trying to get that to work. In the end, we moved to using the Apple’s AI API

## Accomplishments that we’re proud of

In the course of this Hackathon, we managed to code and implement successfully in 3 languages – Python, Java and ios. Even though we did not pursue our completed Python project to integrate into an android app (we had to download and learn to use a cross platform program to execute that) – we were able to successfully implement and get positive results in all three languages.

## What we learned

We learned various new methods of coding with AI and Machine Learning Algorithms. We also gained a clearer picture on how to use APIs and integrate them into a common framework that we had in mind. Also, in addition to that, we were also able to learn a bit of implementation using neural networks.

## What’s next for BlindCare

We hope to perfect our code in the future, so that it could be then used in various diverse environments. We are also trying to get to use pre-existing APIs and make the best use of them, therefore extending the reach and impact of BlindCare



Maheen Patel says:

Watching this video in 2021
Harnoor looks like a baby 🍼

Aasir Afzal says:

Just to see first video of harnoor 💕

BugHead says:

When i hover camera on myself it says,…………

Phone reseted successfully…😂

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Malhar Joshi says:

Harnoor, you’ve really came a long way from where you began
And I’ll tell you all about it when I’ll see you in US

Booker Azaria says:

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rithuvan v says:

Great work harnoor

Rishabh Dhawad says:

So from here Harnoor started his YouTube journey .

Gaddam Govardhan says:

Hi bro can I get your number please bro or email

shreyank surve says:

If I made this app system now then I'll be probably in the US in next 2 years 😁😁😂

Aviral Saxena says:

0:00 A legend was born 🔥🔥

AGT tech says:

Great AI app! Can I get it’s beta version 😇

AGT tech says:

Beautiful first video…
Great, looking back I finally understood that, we can connect DOTS looking backwards & not forward 🙂👍 Great brother…

Peace Enlightenment says:

Can you tell us how did you got the APPLE AI API?

Sanag Series says:

Ur first video……

Refined says:

My bro..I love your channel.. I have been following you since a long time. And now I have opened my own youtube channel..well I am pretty much struggling to be honest . Some help would be really appreciated..

Harshdeep Bhati says:

From this video to 109k subscribers what a journey🔥🔥🔥🦅🦅

Guransh Singh says:

Came here to see how harnoor started his YouTube Journey !!

Malik Ahsan says:

I am watching this video bcz i wanna watch Harnoor first video on youtube😀
And now he got above 90k subscribers. Great work

Andira Putri says:

0:14 – end
never gets old

code cry says:

can you share your code?

Noor Hashem says:

This is great! Kudos!
What framework did you use for training? And for your custom model training which datasets you relied upon?

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