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There are more than 800 million people victims of addictions in the world and Gabe Zicherman shares how we’ve always used technology to make things more addictive but it has become more extreme because of the use of algorithms. At the same time he explains how these very same algorithms can be used to conquer addictions.
Gabe Zichermann is the CEO & Co-Founder of Onward and the principal experience architect of the company’s scalable, AI-driven approach to conquering addiction. Gabe is a serial entrepreneur, author of three books and speaker with over a decade of experience building systems for behavior change. He is also the world’s foremost expert on engaging design and technology whose work in creating the Gamification movement has changed government, large enterprise and startup workplaces, products and business processes. After watching family and friends battle their addictions, Gabe’s vision is to foster a world where balanced relationships between “real life” and technology make everyone healthier, happier and more truly connected. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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arlenecullen says:

kfc in our area has the highest ratings for food violations. ill never eat at a kfc again coz they are the dirtiest fast food ever

The Black Dot says:

Fantastic talk! I love this application of AI – I have autism, so I need an artificial army! ?

Tristan Klein says:

Gabe, you are the man. Ive only just begun my journey into learning gamification and you are one of my favourites. Love your work and great presentation. Can't wait to give this product ago. Ive had a sugar addiction ive been trying to kick for many years now. So this sounds very exciting.

Mike Drysdale says:

One question I would have for Gabe, you talk about addiction, and use phone usage as an example, how would Onward target that when the algorithm and AI depend on the usage data on the phone? Can you help reduce or eliminate addiction to the phone and the different apps/addiction producing resources that are on that phone?

Lou Carm says:

Surely this app is just replacing the addiction with an a I addiction

Roman Rackwitz says:

Awesome, Gabe. Especially the differentiation between motivation and willpower. If you are motivated to stop but don't have the willpower to execute it, nothing changes. That is also a short sight by the Gamification industry. Commitments to support your willpower in the right time…that's cool. Congrats Gabe.

E.Altug Yilmaz says:

Great stories and amazing potential to solve people's addiction. Well done talk by Gabe,we need to change our approuch to tech usage,AI and Gamification can help us!

David Starr says:

How do i get this?

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