China Unveils world's first female #AI news anchor

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Chinese state owned Xinhua unveils world’s first female AI news anchor

China unveils world’s first female Al news anchor

Chinese state-owned Xinhua news agency unveiled a female AI news anchor, which it claims to be the world’s fll’St. The anchor named ‘Xin Xiaomeng’ will reportedly make her debut in March during the Two Sessions political meet in China. Xinhua, which unveiled the world’s flrst Al news anchor (male) in November last year, Claims he has published over 3,400 reports.

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Wr41thx says:

Her lips occasionally float around….reminds me of those old Conan Obrien sketches where he would take a celebrity's picture, and superimpose someone's mouth over theirs so it could talk. Otherwise, it looks impressive.

Mark Kolomiets says:

Слава роботам!!!

Elena Andro says:

So lifelike but the theory of robots taking jobs of humans must not come true.😒 Scientific advancement should be in Harmony with human not harm human beings.

Pranab Jyoti Dutta says:

If she stop working in the middle of news reporting😹

Guns & Roses Roses says:

I call this BS too , they have use some video editing software

Abhijit Nayak says:

Why the hell they need robots
When they have 1.4 billion peoples…
Just bloody showoff…

PokémonXlps says:

china fake everything. the person is real. just her mouth look superimpose.

r p says:

Incredible Technology! Except for her self introduction, there is not the slightest hint that she is not human.
China, such a former poor and starving country is taking the lead in new global Hi-Tech leadership.
All for the best.

The Naikan says:

Except this is fake, that's a real person.

JustAGentleman says:

I LOVE China!! This lady is so much more pleasant than what we need to deal with in the US.

Tunchik says:

А прикиньте как она будет с такой улыбкой говорить про убийство и расчлененку

Ugrumuy says:

Here is a hoax, fake !! In the video, a live person with a crookedly superimposed mouth of a mouth !!

rlolalleskapot says:

Isso é coisa do diabo.

Mic says:

Somehow, coming from the world's largest controlled media – this isn't surprising

Ty Truong says:

Big layoff soon for human anchors

Kit Levey says:

If this gets a foothold we can all forget the future we fantasized about, and how normal it might have been. This is the crowbar that will be used to pry apart the civilized world into the 'haves' and the 'never will have'. It began in industry with machines replacing the tasks that people performed. Now the machines are replacing the people themselves. This is a 9 million dollar robot replacing a 90 million dollar news anchor, and, it won't require healthcare and won't be indicted for sexual assault. Sit back and watch as this pebble in the pond sends a ripple that covers the world. Everything changes.

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