China unveils a robot presenter in new entertainment show

Meet China’s AI-powered robot host: Life-like female presenter wows audience in new entertainment show
Robot Jiang Lailai hosts the show ‘Creating the Future with Intelligence’ in China
She leads viewers on an exploration of technology innovation in the country
The AI robot host ‘loves singing, reading comic books and eating snacks’
The presenter quickly gained a following on social media following her debut
Sporting a stylish sliver bob, realistic silicone skin and exposed mechanical parts, China’s new entertainment robot host is a hit among viewers nationwide.

Jiang Lailai, a stunning humanoid female robot powered by artificial intelligence, joined her human co-host in presenting ‘Creating the Future with Intelligence’, a variety show dedicated to showcasing and explaining new technology and innovation in China.

After airing the first episode in prime time on January 6 on Zhejiang Television, the show, with its remarkable human-robot host duo, quickly attracted the attention of curious viewers, making it one of the most-watched shows from the station.Each episode of the show explores a different topic on technology: the latest development of prosthetic limbs, 3-D printing technology, facial recognition technology, Big Data and mobile payments.

According to a poster by Zhejiang Television introducing the female robot host, Jiang Lailai is 18 years old and loves to sing, read comic books and ‘eat snacks’.

It added that the robot has special expertise on areas of Big Data analysis, information storage and processing, and notably, ‘being cute’.

Images and trailers released by the station show the female robot host standing on stage and presenting the episode’s theme, demonstrating rather natural lip movement and hand gestures while talking in a soothing voice.Robots | Michelob ULTRA Super Bowl 2019