China, Big Tech, and Cyber Defense: The World According to Zegart

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Recorded on June 30, 2021

Amy Zegart is the Morris Arnold and Nona Jean Cox Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, where she chairs the Working Group on Technology, Economics, and Governance. She’s also a professor of political science at Stanford, and an expert on intelligence, cybersecurity, and big tech. In this wide-ranging conversation, Professor Zegart discusses the US relationship with China and how she views that country’s aggressive stance toward Taiwan; why big tech companies are a potential threat not only to privacy, but also to our national security; and why the next war may well be fought with a keyboard rather than on a battlefield.

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Errick Baker says:

Very thankful someone like this amazing patriot teaches these vitally important courses at institutions of higher learning such as Stanford.

True That says:

The more times a person uses the word "So" to begin a sentence, the more susceptible to group think they are…

Paul Neubauer says:

Is the Russian sponsored attack on American infrastructure not an act of war? Should we not send in a team to execute the hackers?

Paul Neubauer says:

Our Marxist universities have indoctrinated students to prioritize nonsense and be unaware of Geo-political issues or even real history. The CCP has no concern about the climate. And yes, if they succeed the world will be very different. They already successfully destroyed the world economy and world liberty with virus hysteria, They own or influence many of the West's elites like Joe (Iselin) Biden.

Paul Neubauer says:

CIA analysts were told what their results would be about Saddam's WMDs by the the administration.

Paul Neubauer says:

The Stuxnet decision was awful. While a tactical success the software was inevitably captured and now is in the hands of hostile state actors and criminals. This reflects a decision making process that does not consider any consequences beyond the moment.

Clement Poh says:

Sadly, America surveils its own citizens too…

Federico Gottardo says:

Great interview! Brilliant discussion

Daniel Broderick says:

Wow, she's my kind of Democrat. I know Peter mention Zegart was in Clinton admin. She's so thoughtful, so measured, not woke, very reasonable.

L O says:

….But for DoD the main threats are climate change and racism…. witn these people at the helm prey is the only option

noshirm says:

Towards the very end of this discussion – maybe about 45 minutes in – there is some talk about attracting the best talent from out there, including students from China. China keeps tabs on these students and exerts pressure on them via their relatives who still live under the rule of the Chinese Communist dictatorship. There is also the concern that these students may have been indoctrinated while in China. Some of America’s own professors have sold out to the CCD. Can they ever be trusted again? With the CCD’s stated intent that it wants to be Number One in this race, does it not send its students to the US to take the best from it and benefit the CCD with what they have learned? With the disdain that elitist, tenured Leftists have for the US and all their talk against assimilation, what guarantee is there that these foreign students will blend in and give of their best to the US? How will we know if they’re spying for the CCD, or being spied on and coerced to indulge in espionage? Why doesn’t the US look for the finest talent from among friendly democracies? Why doesn’t it invest in its own students first? That would be a safer and better way to go – and yes, no matter what the naysayers may whine about – the assimilation of these students is very necessary. They must love and value life in the US and give of their best to it. That’s why they left their homelands – right? 😊

Siu Wong says:

Most of Chinese students are brainwashed before they study uni in USA, it’s extremely hard to get them to really stay and work for USA. Moreover, even among the very few of them wanna leave china, their families are in China. And just think for a second, I can tell you almost all Chinese students (I mean those coming from China) have “background” – it’s not a thing for general(even they are very bright) chinese to be able to study overseas.

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