Change hair color in real time. Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

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Trying new hair colours with @YouCamApps
The app combines AI and AR to map your hair and realistically portray what you’d look like in different colours



BOBBY says:

Blonde was the best for this lady

Mukesh Kumar says:

What is the name of this app please

ParanoideFeinkost says:

it's not a's just the mirror with this function and she filmed with her phone

F.B.I Federal Bureau of Investigation says:

Where can I do this?

Ecquinox says:

So what is the name of this app

Arnel Felizardo says:

Why is there a phone in her hand, when this is the selfie camera?

3p1ks says:

Is this app for boys? lol.

3p1ks says:

Hello everyone, this is youuuurrr daily dose of internet.

Rainbow 1225 says:

This reminds me of Kara from Detroit Become Human O_o

Cake Monster says:

Daily dose of Internet

Hubert Jadczak says:

Feminist lesbian

Heejo Lee says:

Awesome! It seems very natural … beyond the uncanny valley~

Zetaphor Tengu says:

For everyone wondering, this is quality of image processing is not yet possible on a smartphone. This is using a technique in computer vision that have been around for nearly a decade, only now we have the computing power to pull off something this impressive in real-time. If you want to know more look into a technique called image segmentation. Given a few more years of improvements in model compression and higher bandwidth mobile networks and this could definitely become just another app on your smartphone.

Abhishek Gupta says:

What's app name?

Aditya Khadilkar says:

GOD DAMN!!! that's amazing!

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