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Critics say controversial startup Clearview AI poses a new and profound threat to public privacy with its facial recognition technology. The software can identify people by comparing their picture to billions of images Clearview has scraped from social media and the internet. In his first TV interview with Errol Barnett, CEO Hoan Ton-That defended the startup against people fearing the implications of the cutting-edge technology.

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H. Nguyen says:

The irony of this guy is unreal.

(forward to 18:46)

Laura Moehr says:

Yeah right only law enforcement.

Benjamin Vabner says:

This is scary but it will fall into to the wrong hand

Fernando Diaz says:

With proper laws and a 3rd party public oversights could be a net good thing, hes right, this technology is here even if he doesn't do it someone would maybe even google would develop it. he has also tried to make it unbiased when searching, well as unbiased as date can be

star999nine says:

Hoan Ton-That has a seriously punchable face.

Nasra Mohamed says:

He has sold this device to dictators around the world and places like Walmart and Macy. None of this is safe

Joseph B. C. says:

This POS created malicious computer phishing apps, worms, and a phishing website. Another unethical Martin Shkreli-type with a warped understanding of the 1st Amendment.

pkrisnin says:

In most countries the law enforcement are corrupt as the government they serve. So even speaking up against injustice and corruption is now dangeorus

Richard Santiago says:

Oh yea how about all us pigs interview the big bad wolf. Forget all that fortified house building stuff. He's a great guy…

Thanh Vu says:

I know it's the last thing that is important, but lord, a national TV like CBS didn't even bother to pronounce his name right. It's pronounced Tôn Thất Hoàn, or tôn rhyme with phone, Thất rhymes with suck, Hoàn sounds like Juan. Tôn Thất is a royal title meant that he was related to the royal family that later became last name

DaProdigy says:

Don't trust thing asian white guy. He gives me the creeps and his company is creepy too!

Kallyjon says:

Love it, should be used world wide, every one gets their DNA sampled once, and photo taken every 10 years, unless your a crim it would help solve a lot of crime

Membrane556 says:

This guy seems like the same kind of sociopath and con artist as Martin Shkreli.
I expect to his company to end up getting sued out of existence or him thrown in jail in the next few years.

Bubi says:

This dude needs to be whacked tbh.

kallyone: Travel Explore Create says:

Can't we sue them for making money off our images?

Arizona Sky says:

I'm sorry, but my daughter has been identified as myself, in my phone. This technology is flawed!!

Patchuchan says:

This is just evil I hope this company gets sued into bankruptcy.


There’s like one photo that was ever posted of me when I was like 10

Michelle says:

I mean is this really that surprising guys?

Ben Tjibe says:

Not sure why people are hating on this. You upload a picture online, it will be downloaded by someone, whether it's ClearView or your cousin, you put the picture there everyone has access to it. People are reacting as if ClearView comes to your house and takes your images without your permission. It's taking what you already put out there. I can download this video off of YouTube, I can download images and video from Twitter and keep them in my drive. Just the same as Facebook takes all your info and sells it to companies for targeted advertising.

And saying that if the police see a picture of you in a rally and then profile you in certain way, is nonsense, it's a public photo which would have been posted on some social media, it would have a record of what event you were attending, no one can take it and claim you were with terrorists. And saying it's creepy is just a weak argument. There's Facebook where people post their entire lives, Instagram, we even have Tinder. That's way creepier.

TheWonderStraw says:

the developer/ceo has a sketchy history with Phishing apps and worm programs. but yeah lets trust him with this task. He surely has everyone's best interests in mind. No way he's unscrupulously exploiting the system for personal gain….

Bad Newz says:

Sure is a good thing no human images of me exist anywhere lol The only recognition AI will ever get from me are the characters I use to post with. It's complete FREEDOM!!

Michael Ray says:

Wan tan tat sounds like a nasty soup

Michael Ray says:

That what the snake said trust me

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