Can you leverage AI for Talent Management Ft Neville Postwalla

On our next People & HR series, we are speaking with Neville Postwalla, the AVP – Talent Management at Harbinger Group, who brings a wealth of experience in HR and organizational communication.

Neville shares his expertise on leveraging AI across the recruitment, talent management, and feedback cycle. As the recipient of multiple HR awards, he has spearheaded various initiatives at Harbinger, including managing Talent Acquisition, CSR, internal corporate communications, and digitization of the employee experience. His innovative practices, processes, and systems have created an engaging virtual working environment, boosted employee productivity, and paved the way for leadership development and organizational scalability.

Key Points Covered in the Podcast:

🎙️ 03.55 – Managing diversity in organizations: Unravelling the strategies to foster an inclusive workplace.

🎙️ 06.46 – Leveraging AI in recruitment and sourcing: Discovering the transformative power of AI in talent acquisition.

🎙️ 14.47 – Making rewards and recognition work for your organization: Insights on optimizing rewards programs for employee satisfaction.

🎙️ 20.20 – Making feedback from managers to teams count: Unlocking the secrets to effective feedback loops.

🎙️ 22.09 – Performance Management and assessment for team members: Best practices in driving performance and growth.

🎙️ 32.40 – Learning in the age of technology: Making learning initiatives impactful and relevant in the digital era.

Join us for an enriching conversation with Neville Postwalla as he shares invaluable knowledge on HR, talent management, and the strategic use of AI to elevate organizational performance.

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