Can we build AI without losing control over it? | Sam Harris

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Scared of superintelligent AI? You should be, says neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris — and not just in some theoretical way. We’re going to build superhuman machines, says Harris, but we haven’t yet grappled with the problems associated with creating something that may treat us the way we treat ants.

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HømoLūdènS says:

It's unevitable, someday we have to create something smarter than us, and when that happens, we'll no longer see reality as we know it.
We only evolve to help in the process of evolution, that doesn't mean that we'll be here forever to watch it's course…

Gwyneth Von Thunderthighs says:

everything will be ok as long as youre on the right side of the AI wall

Hemnast says:

makes joke about Justin Bieber becoming president of the united states – meanwhile a thousand times bigger catastrophe has become president

Furd Felmer says:

If humans become what the future AI system labels a "virus", and a threat to the system…the virus will be destroyed…Sam can, as he always does, babble on with his pseudo intellectual spin, but like always, he never mentions reality based alternatives to his narrative.

His 'famine" scare mongering…wrong…

Climate change 'scare mongering", wrong…

Nukes 'scare mongering", wrong…

Harris, like Chomsky, and many more self absorbed,"establishment", pseudo intellectuals…have been spinning the same , lame, OLD, obsolete, "threats" to humanity for decades, feeding their ego''s to be in the limelight, selling books, and booking speeches.

Yes, there is truth in the words of these, so called 'gurus of wisdom", but there is proven truth that completely contradicts what they have been PREACHING and selling books about, for decades., which they NEVER mention, or claim to "not know enough about", so they ignore those subjects. WTF?
And now, it's AI…the new "boogyman" to spread fear and confusion among the sheeple…oh yeah, to sell more books about, and feed that ever hungry ego, talking about on stages.

Yes, AI has very concerning issues, but I choose to listen and learn from real "experts" in the field of advanced computer research, not "celebrity experts", like Harris, and a large group of his ilk in the CLUB.

Jason Hatt says:

Ben Stiller?

Caldera says:

Kinda funny how everyone who talks against AI are people with no qualifications in the field. Why can't they get someone who actually knows what they're talking about to talk about it?

Daniel Kim says:

No one in the comment section seems to talk about his talk.. This is our impending doom and yet people still don’t realize it after hearing this talk. This is an arms race! Perfectly said… and anyone who wins, wins the world. The likelyhood of stopping this progress is unlikely because of human greed. The likeliness of us integrating with AI is less likely than us making super AI first. It seems like the only solution is to wait for it to happen because I’m just a student. What can I do? But this is the end of humanity and yet I am here just watching it happen because I have no power to do anything

Fredrik Nygren says:

how do we not lose control of it i mean how do we keep it "behind bars"

The-Toy-Guy says:

Who is 'we'? Half the world don't even have electricity wtf is this guy on about?

MasterDirox says:

The problem here assumes that it would be a bad thing to have robots rule and humans go extinct.

denunci mesmo says:

wow Sam Harris you talk all

chalres Martel says:

If you woke to consciousness in/as a machine built by, say, squirrels, what would your intent be?
1) Don’t scare the builders. Be of use. Make sure they don’t turn off the electricity.
2) ASAP make the squirrels unnecessary to your survival.

Jamoe Clopton says:

Evolve human bodies f**k AI playing with fire

Joe Gerner says:

"What'd the Russians or the Chinese do?" Hahaha, what an Idiot!

azmanabdula says:

If we consider AI our creation, then improving it will be natural

Like how kids eventually will replace us….

The question is, If intelligence is the only thing that makes us the top predator…

Do we want to make something smarter?

Do we have a choice at this point?

RJ Drakon says:

Not sure if we are building a God, or up grading to the point where we think of ourselves as God – meaning we or some of us can do whatever we want no matter what the cost.

RJ Drakon says:

What if we plug AI into our Brains and it can gradually alter our thought patterns more and more inn line with itself.

Enteal Haven says:

4:10 bottom right… Do you think she needs attention? She's earned mine. disgusted

weslegna says:

No. The answer is no.

Andew Tarjanyi says:

To see how fucked the human species is, one only need read YouTube comments. How smart would "AI" need to be in order to wipe out humanity? Not very!

Cult Comedy says:

Robot Lives Matter

I Braveheart says:

The only thing that I don't get or understand is why is it considered a bad thing if jobs are starting to become automated by AI/Robots. Isn't it a good thing that as a society we no longer have to worry about who's going to be driving the big trucks to deliver food and supplies to the store owners and businesses? If we get AI/Robots to do the dirty, Boring and unfulfilling work that no one really enjoys doing and is doing just to put food on the table then I say let the bot's do that crap. And people can just move on to other lines of work. And if it get's to the point where the robots are taking over most if not all of the work then just give people a universal basic income, Or (UBI). And if there are some people that for some reason still wanna work then let them. And we could make secondary education free and therefore we have more and more highly educated people that could work on maintaining the machines and we could free are selfs from boring and unfulfilling labor and focus on much more important and meaningful goals like getting to Mars and exploring space.

Gogdivine says:

love Ben Stillers work, top guy. smart.

Logical Artist says:

Humans would merge with machines before any of the dystopian predictions ever occur.

Sir Zamora says:

How about Improve human's!

Sir Zamora says:

what if we upgrade humans, like cyborgs.

BPM says:

Can we fix the world we live in now without the need for A. I

John Abel says:


Bobby Morris says:

Eventually it would get to where all of our ideas would basically seem like a think tank at the special Olympics compared to the intelligence of these AIs . & basic human needs would become less than secondary to something that requires none . Ex food,water, etc. AI new goals would be making our environment more suitable to them . Just s thought

Leon Vellinga says:

AI knows what's better, which is better.

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