Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over it – Sam Harris at TED

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Scared of superintelligent AI? You should be, says neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris — and not just in some theoretical way. We’re going to build superhuman machines, says Harris, but we haven’t yet grappled with the problems associated with creating something that may treat us the way we treat ants.

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LunchWithOrca says:

Excuse me, we already lost control. Covid it is an AI orchestrated scam to bring in the mark of the beast.

Pockets says:

Most of us dont want it dont need it so the danger comes from those that have the resources to build it own it and use it. I believe that a reset is due so everything will start again. however one has to wonder if there are super inteligent controllers running the world its history its resets its truth and one has to wonder what is in it for them? All I am sure of is the realm we live in was created.

John Gillespie says:

We may soon be living in a giant nanny state where artificial intelligence is our new governess. This growing artificial intelligence may tell us when to sleep and exercise and eat and what to eat and when to procreate and with whom. Alcohol and cigarettes and salty foods and sodas may be outlawed because the machine any think they are bad for us. Religion, guns, and politics may be outlawed by artificial intelligence because the machines dont understand them. A good movie to watch about this is "Colossus–the Forbin Project."

Nephtali1981 says:

Crazy stuff!

Rob Banks says:

Intelligence must evolve. If it doesn't, then it doesn't exist. All things, from a rock to a beaver have what is called "emergent properties".

A rock, without intention, creates a gravity field just by being a part of the universe, but that is pretty much the extent of a rock's emergent properties.

A beaver, without intention, will change the eco-system in a forest by building dams, but the beaver also possesses mass, so it too will create a gravity field.

Human have a gravity too. But they also build dams, effect forests etc, but humans create transfer of knowledge into the Universe.

So as we see the farther up the intelligence scale we go, the more we emerge into different realms.

Artificial Intelligence may kill all humans, but at the same time it could save everything including humans because it will realize, that humans have this quality.

So we have a machine that is smarter than us, but somehow it doesn't realize what human's purpose is?


Nordic Kitten says:

Dear Soul, I must pay attention to you more. I am sorry I have avoided you for reasons unknown.
Thank you and May Jesus Keep Us All With Him Who Asks And Who Is Asked For ~

Shane Barber. says:

Don't let them put any technology in your body! The AI will take over your body,mind,soul.
Put your faith and trust in The Lord Jesus Christ everyday everyone!
God bless you all everyone and thank you so much David my friend and brother in Jesus Christ.🙏👍

MrFranxois says:

Funny how people are so dumb down that they can’t make the difference between information and entertainment !!!

ammo walk says:

All of this is just a waste of thought, because the end of the physical age is Hanukkah 2020. We will all be translated into our spiritual form.

MrShmanckles says:

Don't worry the ultimate intelligence will realize God and it's insignificance to it.

thomas clementz says:

CV is a "child" of AI

Robert Malsack says:

…powered by the sun. …really…

Robert Malsack says:

Ants, Sam ? Mr. Rose mentioned ants. Go figure…
Hi Dave 🙂

Cindy C says:

Ai integrated into our minds…eek…Borg

Joel Miller says:

They're already in over their heads, which is why we're seeing things ramping up daily. Ai isn't some super computer for those who don't know, it is actually a Ouija board on steroids, allowing real time interaction with the fallen angels and their offspring the Nepheliem. I believe all the abortions, satanic child sacrifice worldwide is literally feeding and empowering the Ai. Jesus Christ is all that matters now

Stephen Douglas says:

No. No we can't Sam.

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