Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us Be More Moral?

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By pairing the power of AI systems and human wisdom, scientists at Duke University hope to offer a tool for strengthening our moral capacities.

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Bridventure PR says:

I laud your attempts to make your process ensures that the right patient gets a donor organ. But your trying to tie a Moral decision to an Artificial intelligence smacks of a contradiction. Morality is a state faced by a living being, someone able to choose; specifically choose between right and wrong way of life. An artificial intelligence built on public opinion cannot be an objective moral decision, but may only help you hide behind it when legally questioned.

Morality basically stems from principles and standards of a Sense of Life. If someone can build a series of logarithms to those, only then possibly an automated system can be built. It is like building a self driven car. Surely one cannot automate driving by taking public opinion! 🤗.

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