Can Artificial Intelligence be compassionate. | Jo Aggarwal | TEDxSarjapuraRoad

Compassion is an attribute which we seek among humans . what would it be like to imagine technology also displaying emotions, empathy compassion. ThisTalk is all about how AI is changing the face of emotional intelligence. Jyotsana Aggarwal, fondly known to her friends as Jo, is the creator of Wysa, a mental health AI coach that offers evidence-based self management support through anonymous and empathetic conversations.

Besides that, she has been the Managing Director of Pearson Learning Solutions in the UK and a part of the founding team of Silatech, a non-profit organization which is focused on youth empowerment in sensitive zones in the Arab world. She has worked on projects (mostly based on mobile employability) that are responsible for connecting over a million young adults in the conflict-ridden Arab world. She has won Silver at the Stevie Awards, as well as the Global Telecom Business Innovation Award in 2013, for the same. Another credit to her name is that of recognition by the e-Learning Center in the UK, as one of the top three global thought leaders in education technology.
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