CamFind – An Image Recognition Search Engine App

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CamFind is an iOS app that utilizes image recognition to power its visual search.

It means that you no longer have to type queries into a search engine to find information, instead you can simply take a picture!

CamFind’s search process begins once the user takes a picture of an object of interest ­at any angle. The app then identifies the object and presents an intent screen with the following modules:

• Internet Search Results
• Related/Similar Images
• Price Comparisons and Online Shopping
• Related Places and Address Finder
• Film Poster/DVD Recognition
• Social Sharing

CamFind also offers the following time-saving functions:

• Language Translator
• QR and Barcode Reader
• Text Search
• Voice Search
• Voiceover of Identified Objects
• Automatic Flash
• Automatic Focus
• Ability to Save Images to the Camera Roll/Upload Images from Camera Roll

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