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Demonstrating some initial automation. Contact me at im for info on the parts.



Lupo Plaza says:

Man!!!! You are a Friking Genius.

Lil Bishop says:

il est magnifique <3

Mégane LIEBUS says:

merveilleux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 il est magnifique

SJ Hall says:

I want one!

BRIBOT7 says:

nice job! voice sounds perfect too, even online.

A new chapter begins says:

No restraing bolt

bidroid says:

Nice job! i asked you about a kit a time ago (waiting to have money lol)

Tim Lewis says:

I'd love to see a fully functioning walking talking running jumping one…. I bet that would be complicated to make though.

chaucer44 says:

through goldenarmor dat {com] forward slash homepage

camdenma says:

how did you get the parts?

Dom Paul says:

I think he is using servos for the movements. Electric motors controlled with a computer .. Not 100%

TaxWriteOff says:

if you build it they will come, well more of them

MetalVII says:

Holy shit, this is the best one I have seen. How much has it cost to build?

Tube Specific says:

Oh that is such beautiful work. Nice hardware. Goes to show that science fiction is becoming our reality. 🙂

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