C# Speech Recognition Tutorial – How to make your own Jarvis!

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I had so many requests for how to do this from my 2013 video. I finally threw together an example project. This is a quick and dirty Jarvis application. If you’ve ever seen any of the Iron Man movies you will know what this is. This is a C# application using the .NET framework. Have fun using the code and share what you create with it. Happy coding!

Code Project By Sperneder Patrick:

My other Jarvis Video (I’m going to move it to this channel):

Here is the download link for the C# source:


Lucian Patterson says:

using "for each" in your code is slower. "For Loop" is a smarter direction and none of your strings were converted into constants, nor were they encapsulated to avoid corruption????
This is a real advanced speech recognition I designed named Scarlett Xtreme.

Lucian Patterson says:

Jarvis sucks as well as this lame video

Tuna Çalışkan says:

can you give code??

A Killer says:

SAPI does not implement phonetic alphabet selection. This appears in mine, as I resolve

Dmitry Khutornoy says:

How can I make it search over one word? Right now it can only detect words are in the text file but I want it to take different words and if possible to combine them when searching google.

muzafar hussain says:

how to download this software visual c#?

AIO Tattoo Studio says:

What's the point of loading the list of Choices from an external file? It's not like you can dynamically add cases and methods to the application and it's possible the user will edit that file and breaks existing commands.

Ashu Chhikara says:

Make a video of siri in computer plese

Ushna Butt says:

Anyone who can help me..i am going to make voice based email system but needs some help?I will be very thankful

Ushna Butt says:

Hi Sir..I want to discuss something plzz give me ur email address plzz

SjlcoolHexa says:

sir i downloaded the file but it is not working

TurtleknightGaming says:

hey, dunno if you see this or not but mine is in dutch (with english jarvis) and i changed all the jarvis files to ''Alice'' and now it gives an error : ''Voice recognition failed De index valt buiten het bereik. Deze mag niet negatief zijn en moet kleiner zijn dan de grootte van de verzameling'' translated the index isn't in reach this can not be negative and must be smaller then the size of the collection please help me 🙂

Dhaval Patil says:

i copied every thing but how can i start softwere…. can you help me plzzzz
how can i creat the engine

Happy Gaming1632 says:

Hey bro cn u pliss help me program jarvis on my sumsung j2

xben sommo says:

yoh, can you help me out with the cut ,copy paste mehtids in c sharp. like how do you do that?

Busterboo99 says:

How could you do weather and time

SuperNish35 says:

Hello, where did you get the audio file packs from? Thank you!

Stanislav Bekeš says:

Hello, when I try to debug it shows me in console "Voice recognition failed Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.".I've done everything as u said, tried to find some solutions for this but couldn't solve it any ideas what's wrong with that?

The Goodguitar says:

not able to recognize voice..says "sapi doesn't implement phonetic alphabets"..can you help me out..??

ArsanTech says:

Voice recognition failed Cannot find the requested data item, such as a data key or value.
please help me

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