Building an AI-driven Real-time Predictive Analytics Platform

Imagine a world where you knew the best words to use or where to place your call-to-action before deploying an email campaign. Well, the future is now!

Get ready to revolutionize your approach to email marketing as we decode the magic of artificial intelligence and machine learning with Fred Tabsharani, the brain behind Loxz, an innovative predictive analytics platform. Loxz, which originated in Fred’s dad’s garage amidst the pandemic, is now a game-changer in the domain of marketing campaign optimization. Tune in as Fred peels back the layers on his gripping journey – from running a small business in a quaint Californian town to being the VP of marketing for email service provider Port 25 and eventually creating his own AI-powered venture.

Fred breaks down how Loxz evolved from a consulting marketing agency to a machine learning powerhouse, transforming from rudimentary character count models to complex object placement models. He further unfolds how large language models can be integrated into the data set of an email campaign. Be it general models like llamas and chatbots or domain-specific models like the Bloomberg finance-focused language model, get ready for a complete walkthrough. Experience real-time as Fred demonstrates how these large language models process information to provide crucial metrics. Watch out, marketers, as we’re about to set the space on fire with AI and ML!

In This Episode:
– Introduction to AI and ML for optimizing email campaigns with special guest Fred Tabsharani, founder of Loxz
– Origin of Loxz: Developed in a garage, transformed from a consulting agency to a machine learning powerhouse
– Exploration and demonstration of integrating large, general, and domain-specific language models into email campaign datasets
– Highlighting the revolutionary impact and opportunities of AI and ML in marketing

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