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Yoshua Bengio (MILA) discusses the obstacles we are likely to face on the path to beneficial artificial general intelligence.

The Beneficial AGI 2019 Conference:

After our Puerto Rico AI conference in 2015 and our Asilomar Beneficial AI conference in 2017, we returned to Puerto Rico at the start of 2019 to talk about Beneficial AGI. We couldn’t be more excited to see all of the groups, organizations, conferences and workshops that have cropped up in the last few years to ensure that AI today and in the near future will be safe and beneficial. And so we now wanted to look further ahead to artificial general intelligence (AGI), the classic goal of AI research, which promises tremendous transformation in society. Beyond mitigating risks, we want to explore how we can design AGI to help us create the best future for humanity.

We again brought together an amazing group of AI researchers from academia and industry, as well as thought leaders in economics, law, policy, ethics, and philosophy for five days dedicated to beneficial AI. We hosted a two-day technical workshop to look more deeply at how we can create beneficial AGI, and we followed that with a 2.5-day conference, in which people from a broader AI background considered the opportunities and challenges related to the future of AGI and steps we can take today to move toward an even better future.



Dmytro Picky says:

loved the 10 commandments to AI ROFL

The Fat Punisher says:

Biocomputers. Build a foundation based upon biology, then improve it's components.

Hard to explain but you need multiple ai systems that perform different tasks communicating with each other.

Simplify the human brain by the tasks each organ performs, then Create a separate system for each, then Create an neural network that communicates between them during problem solving.
Have the neural network determine which system is the best for each task.

Svenja Aunes says:

africa is not a country

Chris Summers says:

Democratize ai
As a consequence
Learning more about the environment – none of us thought about

Booted up w that knowledge

Chris Summers says:

Intuitive psychology physics

How are these variables related to each other?
Model of how the world works
Predict future situations

Economic growth. Material progress for all. Improved healthcare. Improvement of education and other services(legal). Freedom from work as slavery

Chris Summers says:

Challenges towards AGI

Supervised learning. Not generalizing well enough off training examples. Easy to fool trained networks

The women stopped taking pills because they were pregnant. Whose they?

Amjad z says:

Should have Ironing your tshirt

movAX13h says:

It seems obvious to me that we need bio computers (artificial brains) to reach human-level AGI.
In the digital world we have to go way too long paths to get solutions (boil down everything to 0 and 1).
Nothing in nature is digital. Nature does not know quantisation; the numeric bases we find are all irrational.

Carlos Perez says:

Good talk! Covers the need to bridge the semantic gap between system 1 (intuition) and system 2 (symbolic) cognitive systems. Includes some novel conjectures about 'consciousness'. Finally, arguments about the plausibility of exponential growth in AI progress.

Avishek Mukherjee says:

He's extremely brilliant.

okan koç says:

This is better than that hype videos. It reperesents the actual status of the a.i.

TV says:

If you want it or not AI will stay here. We need SingularityNET (AGI) to keep AI out of the hands of the army, Google, … that AI uses to kill and spy. SingularityNET (AGI) is the only chance we have to create an AI that will benefit humanity. If you want a better world without killing (army) and spying (Google), then we must all continue to support SingularityNET (AGI).

Paul Topping says:

This is a very good talk. Do you have a link to the slides? They are shown only briefly in this video.

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