Building a sustainable, open source machine learning platform for everyone (TensorFlow Meets)

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TensorFlow is a truly open source platform with over 1,900 contributors. On this episode of TensorFlow Meets, Laurence (@lmoroney) talks to Open Source Strategist Edd Wilder-James (@edd) about how things like TensorFlow’s Request for Comments process, Special Interest Groups, and the modularity of its codebase make it easier for the community to build TensorFlow together. They also discuss the upcoming O’Reilly TensorFlow World, which is accepting applications to participate now through April 23rd.

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Michael Mantion says:

Great job on TF2.0.

Zack Williams says:

Can you support Python 3.7 already?

Christian Rivera says:

Great interview, it could be interesting if you invite later the keras creators and tell how was the fusion tf-keras.

username says:

look at the job title: open source strategist, one of the best one in the 21st century you can get

Abdurrahman Kocukcu says:

You are both great!

bvc ia says:

buenos tutoriales

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