Build A Smart AI Chat Bot Using Python & Machine Learning

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Build A Smart AI Chat Bot Using Python & Machine Learning

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Pro DevMahi says:

are these packages installed via pip install, are installed in our computer or are installed in cloud temporarily

lbb2r says:

Python is so lightweight and easy to install, why would I want to use a browser to write it instead?

Parag jain says:

Bro i am getting an error (NameError: name 'Article' is not defined) Help!

Preety Akanksha says:

How can we integrate this code with the html code

Justdoit_Chizzy says:

Hi there. I've been following along and have used this as a skeleton to develop my own AI Chatbot. Can I replace that sight of Chronical kidney disease with a much greater Information Based Server like google?

Thecommentato says:

can i have the code just because im too lazy to write lmao

Trojan says:

how can i add multiple articles?

SewDew says:

That's freaking genius. appending the users sentence to the sentence list to keep info is a smart way to do it. nice one.

Sualeh Alam says:

Instead of building the "index_sort" function from scratch you could also use python built-in sort() function.

Arghya Bandyopadhyay says:

Newspaper 3k showing error

saidud1 4 says:

couldyou teach propely idiot

Tom Cat says:

Can you continue this series? Like how you make data pre-processing and cleaning for more accurate response?

Btw thanks for the video!

Shakti Nishad says:

print('Doc Bot: '+bot_response(user_input))

in this line am getting error of
TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "NoneType") to str

alll working great but when i ask question this error comes

Darren Mudekunye says:



Nltk is not letting me download punkt

fabrizio antonazzo says:

bellissimo video continuate cosi

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