Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and neurothech : The dark side of AI

The dark side of Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) are technologies that transmit brain signals to external devices to perform actions. BCIs are currently being developed to help individuals with neuromuscular disorders recover everyday functions such as communication and mobility. However, ethical considerations regarding BCIs’ risks of brain hacking, information theft, and behavior control have not been fully explored. The US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is developing nonsurgical BCIs for national security applications. Ethical guidelines need to be established before such technologies are deployed. Utilitarianism and Neurorights are two approaches to consider the ethical implications of BCIs. Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that aims to maximize happiness or well-being of everyone affected by an action or policy. On the other hand, Neurorights prioritize individuals’ rights to cognitive liberty, mental privacy, mental integrity, and psychological continuity. In this video, we discuss the ethical concerns and approaches surrounding BCIs.

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