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Robot RHEX vietnam version

Tam VU VAN says:

I want to buy one robot, how much

JG says:

It can swim?!

meadball1 says:

It looks like Scooby Doo running away 2:18

Neo2906 says:

all these robots a really…there will be a robot who`s gonna say "I´ll be back" :-O

ColOtus says:

"Haters gonna hate! Haters gonna hate! Haters gonna hate!!"

AngryKoala Insane says:

Now do this in a huge scale and tell us its aliens.. nice plan motherfuckers.

Qaus Sphene says:

What the hell kind of locomotion do you call that
they're like wheel… leg… things…

pnq8787 says:

2:25 "Shoot that fuck'n thing!!"

Gilla Criie says:

i thought it was pretty funny & adorable how he paused for a second, then lifted up 2 of his legs and kept going at 0:59 to 1:02

WookhieManJoe says:

metal gear can launch nukes!?
no no it cant be

-Just-Nerdy-Things- says:

thats no dog its a rhex

Em Lapa says:

kill it before it lays eggs!

Zielon says:

2:16 nothing to do here lol

altairTC1 says:

im telling you about the kids that doesnt quit… you get some thing amazing

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