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This is a cropped and tracked version of the original video so you can see a close up only of the presentation screen, only the wheeled robot part is selected because it was never seen before footage, for the rest see the original video presentation below:



7100warhawk says:

I bet it can't stop my ford 650 super duty….

martinwettig says:

Sooo… you filmed it off a screen and put it on the internet… again. What for exactly, and what was wrong with the original video?!

Emsley Wyatt says:

Cylon Centurian, mark one.

Benyeogor Mbadiwe says:

Very impressive work, combining legs and wheels. I recently completed something like this, a four wheeled model vehicle that can be controlled via the internet: its demo can be viewed via the link:

Benjynator says:

it's not a nightmare, it's a dream

TylerTech says:

Just put wheels on its elbows, and it'll be able to drive fast like a car, but then spring into a two-legged robot and grab things like a transformer

HMSpresentations says:

well that's horrifying

Yaf Sceplox says:

1950s technology conjugate is better!

Chatterbox909 Sphynx says:

wanna know what's actually scary

this is the robot from my nightmare

сергей куриков says:


Botwire ­ says:

Very cool indeed but I cant look at this thing without it looking like it's always running backwards. It looks like a humanoid on wheels rolling backwards.

Ian Wilmoth says:

Shirow masamune, the guy behind the Ghost in the shell franchise, predicted this design in the 1980s- Hint, ultimately it will be a ball instead of a wheel for even better maneuverability. Check out the appleseed manga, and tank police.

Nick T says:

this means death for humans

Dr Relish says:

awwwww yeah

Hakan Hacioglu says:

20 years to terminator. they will remember that these guys kick them.

Main 1 says:

This is Code Geass Knightmare frames

Сергей Трунов says:

супер !!!

Jon Focker says:

oh hell no. that will be chasing people in the future.

Gamercatsz says:

Don't believe the media, its probably just a dwarf on a hoverboard inside.

unatics says:

Am I the only one who thinks that robot kinda gives off gay vibes?

sentinalchocobo says:

horizen zero dawn starts here. stop funding

MrHazardousMC says:

Take my fucking morning Stocking job. I would PAY money to see Handle do my job.

Артём Ким says:

0:56 Tony Hawk lost his job in that moment

Joseph G says:

Give that machine gun > End world

Andrew Micallef says:

Handle feels like something out of a cyber horror game. I love it.

Krzysztof Kunicki says:

It will change our oety. In to lord who have robots, and unemployed rest…

Dagobert Duck says:

WOW !!!!!!!!!!

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