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Heavy weight articulating robot, developed by Boston Dynamics under auspices of DARPA



WILL HAM says:

metalhead coming soon!

W. Roberts says:

Musk can learn a lesson or two from these guys. But all of this sends a very bad message for the future IMHO. Very bad.

Nat Pellegrino says:

tell your kids to get into robotics

BestHorseInTheStable says:

Before playing Metal Gear video games I thought this was awesome in every possible way… now that I watch it all these years later (and after playing the games)… it has an eerie resemblance to Metal Gear's Gekko's!!! It's still awesome, but now it's much scarier!!! Yikes!!!

RELLlK says:

Stealthy >_>

Ilak Kit says:

at around 1:20 I thought for a moment that those are just two guys lifting whatever this ontop is supposed to be and casually tripping because they cant see shit

SeanR James says:


Mr T. Rich says:

Is it loud enough?

Oldboy says:

these muh fuckas up to some weird ass shit lmao

Ярослав Корниевский says:

Какой ужас ! ))

Tom Groebe says:

Now known as the LS3

RekinSharky says:

Why is it freaking people out? I find it awesome, not freaky… YEAH SCIENCE! IT WORKS, BITCHES!

RekinSharky says:

Nope, but I love ponies. 😉 But I liked MGS1 on PS1 😀 So maybe if I played MGS4 I would like it 😀

BuddhaBebop says:

right? it even makes an eerie noise! any moment now a RAY will burst onto the scene as well. those legs are creepy as hell

Antillicus says:

This thing is so freaky! I will have nightmares about this.

Kyser says:

this thing scares the shit out of me…..MGS4 geckos anyone?

meissee1 says:

How long until they make Metal Gear?

Suzaku Kururugi says:

Is that anthrobotic abuse?

MrTuningmaster says:

Shit its crying wolf.

elias pulido says:

Well we know ice is there weakness!!

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