Boston Dynamics All Prototypes

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Boston Dynamics adındaki kuruluşun google desteği ile ürettiği birkaç prototipin ürettiği fonksiyonları görüyoruz. Üstün hareket kabiliyeti ve muazzam denge yetenekleri ile bu prototipler sıradan bir robottan daha fazlası.


Joseph Phillips says:

I'm ready for my procaine injection.

Екатертна Игнатьева says:

это отвратительно? зачем создавать этих уродов? ..

Aleksander Kamiński says:

Too much vodka I guess 😀

Marius Langfeldt says:

im scared. what if they strap a weapon on them?? and this was 2015

Руслан Ефимов says:

А если этим тварям дать искуственный интеллект и корпуса по-мощнее и совершеннее? Думаю они будут двигаться гораздо лучше и быстрее живых существ

Руслан Ефимов says:

Почему мне кажется, что я по льду хуже этого робота хожу?))

Angela Bird says:

6:22 Imagine having that coming at you full speed

Thor Boysen says:

Scary shit…!!! Today they say they will use ai-robots against terrorists…! But what if they decide to use robots against our own people ? Maybe against the poor! I don't trust our elites…!!!

BlueFireJack says:

8:11 it sounds like a drag car revving

PinkasBrown44 says:

That´s how SKYNET jumpstarts, people…

David Moulinard says:

Macron unbreakable

XRY-Nightmare says:

Atlas – by Apreture Science

지구천국 수호남신 호랑이형님 이석형 says:

내친구들입니다. 감사합니다. 호랑이형님입니다.

Silverguyz 894 says:

at 3:54 the big dog's legs look like human legs to me

Blake Paris says:

Soooo coolio! I want one too

Michael Benjamin says:

make machine quiet almost perfection.

João de Carvalho says:

I am impressed with how these robots are slow when walking through rough terrain. Can't they increase speed by simply adding more processors and memory? Also, why keep the processors inside the robot? These things consume space and, especially, energy that could be used to power the motors and sensors. There is also the problem of heat dissipation, that an external computer can handle more efficiently.

Pussy Destroyer says:

tatan tan tatan tatan tan tatan tatan tan tatan…

jean-paul messas says:

l'armé US en est où ?

Nahuel Napoli says:

Horizon Zero Dawn is here D:

Николай Храмов says:



black mirror ?

Coo kies says:

I think they should've picked Darude – Sandstorm as background music, not this weird stuff

Felipe Valdes says:

esto me da terror wnes saludos desde chile

Snidely Whiplash says:

Petman pretends to take a dump thereby lulling enemies into a false sense of having him at the advantage then at the last second he springs 20 feet straight up and comes down with a devastating elbow chop to opponents exposed noggin. 19:59

abudi says:

If google supports this i delete youtube and google. Im so much bored from their adverticement thoug

abudi says:

Oy oy oy yapmasınlar bunları ya

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