BOMBSHELL REPORT: U.S. Military Biometrics Devices SEIZED By Taliban To Roundup Afghan-US Allies

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Ken Klippenstein, investigative reporter at The Intercept, discusses the biometric devices and data that were seized by the Taliban and explains why it’s so dangerous.

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Randy Jackson says:

Seized!?! It was given to them! Stop Pushing Your False Narrative!!!

mayoite160 says:

once again the free market saves the day

Jesse Young says:

Roll out on Americans? Americans have been the test bed for this technology for years, ie snapchat, lockscreems, and the like. Their data has been freely given to corporations, and there's nothing stopping them from selling that data.

USER112358134711 says:

Naive Americans, again….

transformers Decepticon dude says:

This can be rather important for the nano underground tunnels globally in each countries most high level talks take place. They will have the whereabouts tracked of each commander or nano signaturized official following each as if they dropped bread crumbs along the way. To all Global Heads of State, please be alert in all things invisible…This is a timed event for the masters and serfs section reference in Jim Marrs books.
Donald Suiters

These invisible tunnels can reachout to anywhere in the globe including at some point controlling thr global population. 02/00 could be coordinants? Time, date or…
Donald Suiters

Joey would have sent 2 or 3 invisible intel mailers to Mr. Rockefeller long before I finished. These nano tunnels can come up side by side to cover an entire country from underneath have a programmed shake and drop all in downwards like Joey will do to Mr. Biden and his Apollo 18 spiderbots crawling over his face and head for the shock and awe moment but not sure reason for. Joey Karpinski is not only opening up portals with railguns pointed at my head but also using the forward tunneling effect I called hotspotting.

julianbryantjb says:

I wonder if the database is real? Maybe they want to cause confusion by storing the data of every prisoner on file to cause suspicion and strife among the factions.

Brother Barbon says:

America Is Being Set Up By Allies.

Chris Lastname says:

People in the states put everything on their social media already so there is no point to worry that you're being spied on. You willingly offer up everything they could want.

Eau Kangen says:

Biden's reams at work.

Richard Berlund says:

We have to leave their Shadows burnt in the sand

Richard Berlund says:

You have got to do something before they use our weapons against them Afghanistan to f**** put the god of fear in them

Richard Berlund says:

Cuz I'm not watching Walt Disney I'll speak the way I am because children don't watch politics

Richard Berlund says:

Because I'm not watching Disney

Richard Berlund says:

Make their land unlivable for thousands of years send a missile over and nuke Afghanistan

Richard Berlund says:

Send a message to over nuke Afghanistan and our weapons

Richard Berlund says:

And children do not watch politics

Richard Berlund says:

Everything that the that has happened lately we have to go to war to get these mother f**** killed off

Richard Berlund says:

If I could catch that Cortez I would check their Levin f**** faceapp apart

Richard Berlund says:

Something's got to happen to those Democrats if you don't the people will make it happen

Richard Berlund says:

8 and US Democrats keep making plans for us you let him make major decisions when they can't even make a f**** sandwich

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