BMW reveals AI capable concept car

BMW, 인공지능 자동차 만든다
Artificial intelligence is expected to impact many aspects of our lives… including how we drive.
Bruce Harrison joins me now in the studio.
Bruce, BMW has revealed a self-driving concept car… that would be similar to Google Deep Mind… in that it’s supposed to learn from humans.

Connyoung, it looks like BMW is trying to blur the lines between humans and machines with this car. BMW unveiled the Vision Next 100 to mark the company’s 100th anniversary… and where it plans to head in the next century of making cars.

Bruce, how close is BWM to actually producing this car?

Well, they call it a concept car for a reason. According to Wired Magazine… though the Vision Next 100 was “driven” onto the stage in Munich it’s mostly unreal… for now. But it’s jampacked with ideas.

“We assume that in the future human beings and machine will cooperate even closer, meld together if you will. And of course, making the car more intelligent will give the driver an intelligent co-pilot which we’ve called a companion.”

According to BMW’s blog,… the companion becomes smarter the more it learns about the driver’s habits. At some stage, the blog says,… the companion would be able to automatically perform routine tasks for them.
BMW said its Vision Next 100 concept car could start rolling off the production line in the next 20 or 30 years.

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