Biometrics Appointment for UK Visa (UKVCAS Process Explained)

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Biometrics Appointment for UK Visa (UKVCAS Process Explained) // There has been a lot of changes over the past year with the visa process and you may have been wondering – UKVCAS how does it work? Thankfully I am doing my biometrics appointment for citizenship which I will be able to take you along the journey.

In this video, I will run through my experience on how to book the biometrics appointment online, the biometric appointment locations, a demo of the UKVCAS appointment availability and what to expect when you attend the visa biometrics appointment.

There was also the introduction of UKVCAS upload documents, UKVCAS document upload categories, the UKVCAS document scanning price.

Biometrics Appointment (UKVCAS Process Explained):
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Helena Williams says:

Sorry can you help me I’m a little confused I thought the biometric appointments were £19.20, why is yours showing more that £50 for an appointment please???

models and trains says:

If I've applied for this, would I need to apply for the eu settlement scheme as well?

Batul Saidd says:

Can you pay for the biometric two days before the appointment?

Jeremy Everakes says:

Is there a way to expedite the biometrics appt.?

models and trains says:

You had a lot of security! I was just buzzed in told to come up see a lady behind a desk, she scanned my letter asked to see my passport (which I didn't have) showed her my driving license which was fine. The fingers and thumb 👍was ok like what you said. They took my photos and said all done and just wait on the Home office to get back to me

Mario Gandarillas says:

Quick one. Do you have to upload all pages from your passport? Thank you very much

Fernan says:

Thank you so much you are my guide in this journey 🙂

NS Vlogs says:

I had biometrics appointment in Croydon yesterday but they retained my passport. I don't know why

Angela Stojcevska says:

Hi Kat, did you have to provide your physical passport when you completed this? Or was it all just uploaded online by scanning the documents and passport?

models and trains says:

What happens if you haven't got a passport?


Hello I saw your blog and it directed me here, I have a question regarding the UKVCAS appointment, I went to biometric appointment 8wks ago but I did not receive Emails saying they have my application, No email from Home office either yet, is it Normal? I applied for Further leave to Remain as a family member I came on 2.5 spouse visa. Thank you.

Rajesh Eedupuganti says:

Hi Kat…Video is so informative, thank you.
Any idea when the free slots would open? I am trying to book an appointment since last 10 days, but paid slots only opening @1:00 AM every night. Are the appointments open in different timings?

Lizaslife Vlog says:

Hi babe thanks for this .. My question is i already booked my appointment but i did not upload all the requirements because i dont have a printer , is it ok i will upload my requirements tonight or tomorow? My appointment is next month May . Thank you hopr you response

Abda Londan says:

Hello I have a quick question I just tried to make appointment on UK VCAS but there is not space everywhere is full what I should do thank you very much

Nsg Nsg says:

do I need to do this if it's an application form?

Amin Ahmed says:

Thank you very much.
Mine just came today let's go 😆

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