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Crystal Chai says:

Just curious… don’t you have back pain?

Uncle Fjester says:

0:35 Naomi says "its absolutely huge subject, no way can she fit everything in"

YuRong Feng says:

omg This is near my house

rizqan says:

Who gon said it..

Alx2672 says:

Passionate about tech, educated and thorough, informative and unique, I'd love to be your best friend, you do the coolest stuff. I love seeing a woman who knows her craft, that confidence is really appealing.

dc ocz says:

Most have backdoors, the obvious was the default, tluafed account hack. There is a Polish hacker site allowing access to most of the cheap ip chinese cameras, MAC address is incremental. If you are going to fit any of these, sit them behind a VPN and on a private LAN which has no access to internet. The phone apps wanting permission to everything is another subject on it's own. It really is a case of protect yourself because no one else will and these are just eyes for other people

tupiches says:

Gostei da qualidade de imagem da câmera usada na filmagem na rua

Joe Stephens says:

Naomi can you wear a NASA t-shirt at some point please 🙂

Just Larry says:

1.38 million people and you just KNOW they're NOT HERE FOR TECH

Matt Vega says:

Damnmm she is top-heavy! Sweet she's hot

Miguel Enrique Carrasco says:

161cm without heels? nice

tareq ajlouni says:

Hello, I have one Question can I ask individual plz

Steelfox says:

It's been a year since I checked on your channel and I am impressed with how much better your English has gotten!

Robert Sheppard says:

You rock Naomi! Thank you for the tips and recommendations 😀

CptEddyPrice says:

I did not look for this channel but Im happy it was recommended

Sishen says:

Loved the street photography segment – – I know you are mega busy but have you ever considered making a second channel devoted to just showing places of interest and Chinese/pop culture? I know you've done videos in the past where you visited interesting places like doggie cafes and restaurants and I always found those to be very interesting and entertaining. If that's too much trouble, maybe just try to do a video every now and then focusing more on that fun pop-culture stuff as opposed to just the techno stuff. Also, please continue to include samples of your street photography in your segments whenever possible – – maybe you could start ending your videos with a few samples of your street photos.🙂

Alan Vermillion Sr says:

While I appreciate a fine tech show, I do see alternate uses that I seem to have a malfunction with. I consider that a good thing.

Aurora LG says:

Please make another video of your CCTV systems!
How do you store the faces and is there a good notification with AI?


oh my god u r like hot summer super hot

johndoe says:

what are the specification of the camera you used. from the link on aliexpress, seems like the 2MP camera. is that suitable for face recognition ?

抽烟为了咳嗽。 says:


The Sand Lot says:

I couldn’t see the cameras

johndoe says:

thanks for this video. need more on this topic please.

Raymond Watt says:

You are so fun to watch. Very informative and pretty.

Vlade says:

❤⚘⚘❤❤❤❤Naomi ⚘⚘⚘⚘💝

Henri Georges demanou says:

Those 🥺…

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