Beyond Cryptocurrencies: AI-Enabled Financial Technologies | Joscha Bach | WEF 2019

Beyond cryptocurrencies: AI enabled financial technologies, possible existential risks and a need for reorganization of financial infrastructure.

Joscha Bach, Ph.D. is an AI researcher who worked and published about cognitive architectures, mental representation, emotion, social modeling, and multi-agent systems. He earned his Ph.D. in cognitive science from the University of Osnabrück, Germany, and has built computational models of motivated decision making, perception, categorization, and concept-formation. He is especially interested in the philosophy of AI and in the augmentation of the human mind.

Joscha has taught computer science, AI, and cognitive science at the Humboldt-University of Berlin and the Institute for Cognitive Science at Osnabrück. His book “Principles of Synthetic Intelligence” (Oxford University Press) is to appear later this year.

Joscha authored Seven Principles of Synthetic Intelligence, Representations for a Complex World: Combining Distributed and Localist Representations for Learning and Planning, Enhancing Perception and Planning of Software Agents with Emotion and Acquired Hierarchical Categories, and MiniPsi, der Mac-Roboter, and coauthored MicroPsi: Contributions to a Broad Architecture of Cognition, The AEP Toolkit for Agent Design and Simulation, The Artificial Emotion Project Handbook, Mental Models for Robot Control, Designing Agent Behavior with the Extensible Agent Behavior Specification Language XABSL, and Using pattern matching on a flexible, horizon-aligned grid for robotic vision.

Currently, he is working as an entrepreneur in Berlin, Germany.


Something unusual happened at Davos this year: new ideas coming not from the usual collection of rich and famous, their symbiotic journalists, or even from political activists. This was the voice of creation rooted outside of the wealthy world and put into action by hands-on builders empowered by tools such as blockchain and AI, centered on human needs, and creating a new realities outside of traditional hierarchy and authority. It was imagination in action, curated by MIT’s Alex Pentland and John Werner.


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