Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks For 2020 and Beyond!

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Whether you know it or not Artificial Intelligence Stocks are taking over your life and the companies that know how to use AI are profiting in a major way.

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Here are 3 examples:
1. Amazon constantly suggesting more products for you to buy.
2. Google suggesting ads that are of interest to you based on your browser history.
3. Alexa constantly collecting data on every aspect of your life.

It’s no wonder these stocks have gained 57% over the last 3 months and more than 93% over the past 2 years.

If you are looking for future profits the Artificial Intelligence stocks should be in your portfolio.

If you are new to my channel I don’t waste much time with smalltalk and I get right into fundamental analysis and my goal is to find winning stocks to invest in. If you want a no nonsense approach based on data then you’ve found the right channel.

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NVDA Stock NVIDIA Corporation
CRM Stock, inc.
NFLX Stock Netflix, Inc.
AMZN Stock, Inc.
DBX Stock Dropbox, Inc.
TTD Stock The Trade Desk, Inc.
MSFT Stock Microsoft Corporation
AMD Stock Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
GOOG Stock Alphabet Inc.
DOCU Stock DocuSign, Inc.


Photovideo Oz says:

Brainchip AZKLF the only pure play AI stock in the world.

Grant P says:

I agree with you on Microsoft — how can you go wrong ? they control Windows
10, and have Office etc, and now around 30-35 % of their income is now coming
from Cloud Computing, which a lot of companies are changing too. It basically
is a very strong core stock, as well as the others you mentioned.
Your videos are very thorough, and I can see your channel growing immensely
in popularity — keep the great videos coming Jerry 🙂

Kuno Kildetoft says:

Jerry, why the change in terms of buying NVIDIA this week? Not much has changed since this video was releashed? Just wondering – thanks for all the great info you send out!

John Amman says:

Great content, thank you. Will be definitely adding some of those socks to my watchlist.

John Donoghue says:

Hi Jerry glad I have found your channel you have the best one that I have listen to yet on YouTube I started off with 1600 and now I am down to 160 so it's going to be miracle for me to come back from this I wish I had come on your channel before this keep up the good work 🙂

Ram Ram says:

These are not AI companies, you 'd rather change the title

Alex Snydman says:

How do you feel about the ETF INOTF?

UFO Stories says:

strong video again

richard torgersrud says:

cliché or not a super valuable post. I really appreciate you reviewing these stocks. There is so much hype about these companies but few facts shared by other YouTubers. Jerry you never disappoint with detail analyze, and clear direction. Keep up the amazing regular posts!

Alex more says:

Great video. Helps alot!

Van says:

Great video as usual Jerry. Thanks for sharing this. I have a question: How do you compute the "Levered Free Cash Flow %"? Again, thank you.

The Way Of Shea says:

Bless Jerry, did u do any ecommerce video? Square, shopify, light speed, etc??

Hasan A says:

Hey Jerry. Thanks again for your awesome analysis as always!
Would love if you could do a video on Cloud Software / Cyber Security Software companies that have seen a significant upturn over the past few months. It would be interesting to see how many of these are overvalued and whether or not now might be a good/bad idea to buy. I've included some examples below (sorry if you have already covered any of these):

Coupa Software
Veeva Systems


Grophy says:

RHE ready for Monday 🚀🚀🚀

Kfir Ben-Yehuda says:

Jerry. I have to appologies s I made a mistake in my reading. Sorry again

Jace Ace says:

I hate to tell you a normal everyday person can’t afford these stocks that trade for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Otherwise we’d all just buy Tesla, Apple and Amazon and be done with it.

YY Tong says:

Jerry can u do a video on the stock market hype that we are having now? Read too many articles that caution amateur Traders… scares me..

booboo says:

What do you think about Chinese stocks being delisted?

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